Pakistan is Targeting Saudi Arabia and UAE for Helping India, Claims Report

The report further claimed that the campaign also targeted France, calling for a boycott of French goods.
Source: Google, Image by- DNA India
Source: Google, Image by- DNA India

A propaganda campaign was launched against India using the violence in Assam. This has been claimed in a report. It said that it appeared that the target of this propaganda campaign was India, while in fact, the targets of this campaign were Saudi Arabia and UAE.

Italian political consultant and geopolitical expert Sergio Restelli said these things in an article. According to him, there were propaganda campaigns specifically targeting Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud to help India. Pakistan is behind these campaigns. According to the report, Pakistan, Qatar and Turkey have a role in this propaganda being run against Saudi Arabia, UAE and India.

Boycott of Indian products

Source: Google, Image by- Dawn
Source: Google, Image by- Dawn

Last month, a Twitter trend was seen calling for the boycott of Indian products. The author said that this campaign comes at a time when a major tectonic change is taking place in the Islamic world. A coalition of Qatar, Turkey and Pakistan dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood, a radical politico-religious organization based in Qatar, is becoming a new hub for radical Islamists.

He also explained why the Taliban only invited Qatar, Turkey and Pakistan to the opening ceremony of their interim government, while ignoring their past friends and supporters Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Restelli cited the DisInfo Lab report as saying that the real targets of the ongoing war of misinformation are Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The author said, 'This is not the only campaign. The Qatar-Turkey-Pakistan alliance has been targeting Saudi Arabia and the UAE for some time now'.

According to the author, the main objective is to discredit the Crown Prince to pave the way for Turkish leader Erdogan as the rightful leader of the Ummah. Furthermore, the DisInfo report suggests that India alone was not targeted for this economic boycott.

Targeted France

The report further claimed that the campaign also targeted France, calling for a boycott of French goods. "It was launched in 2018, and since then it has become an annual event for the Muslim Brotherhood to gradually launch such propaganda with the aim of speeding up," Restelli said.

He said that many of these accounts are run by Muslim Brotherhood influencers from Pakistan and Turkey. According to him, Pakistan has now transferred its strategy of using terrorism as a tool for foreign policy to the cyber world.

"Moving from proxy wars to information warfare seems to be its current strategy," he said. Although the players remain the same, terrorists and radical Islamists. He further argued that countries like India, Israel, UAE and Saudi Arabia now need to develop the capacity to counter propaganda and protect their economies.

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