Not Easy For The BSP To Pass The Byelection Alone

Not Easy For The BSP To Pass The Byelection Alone

It seems tough for the BSP to fight alone in UP by-elections in 12 seats of the UP Assembly

In the Lok Sabha elections, the Bahujan Samaj Party, in the alliance with the Samajwadi Party and the National Lok Dal, may have floated a blue flag on ten parliamentary constituencies, but in the bye-elections of 12 assembly seats, the only way to fight alone is thorns. It is not easy for the party to be able to stop the continuous decline of power and to get the second position in the politics of the state, pushing the SP.

The BSP is going to the by-election for the first time. Of the 12 assembly constituencies in which the bye-elections are to be held, only one seat has been with Jalalpur of Ambedkar Nagar district. Of the other 11 seats, another BJP is holding the SP 10. Considering the data of the 2017 Assembly elections, BSP remained in the second place in three areas, while the SP was in the main match at three places. Congress also got second place in Gangoh area. In such a situation, the BSP is not expected to get special relief on the above seats.

In the Lok Sabha elections, the BSP got only due to the Sanjeevani Coalition. Muslim voters did not have the dilemma to defeat the BJP due to the coalition. He voted for coalition candidates only, as a result of which six Muslim MPs of the coalition were elected, while in 2014 Lok Sabha elections no Muslim candidate could reach the Lok Sabha in the Lok Sabha.

BSP supporters are not satisfied with Mayawati's offer to give her Bhai Anand and nephew Akash for the second and third positions in the party before the by-election in May 2012. Dabi Zuban dissidents say that Anand and Akash have no role in Dalit movements and those who have been struggling have been seated in the house. The rapidly increasing attraction towards the Bhim Army in the dalit youth is a danger bell for the BSP. Bhima Army Chief Chandrashekhar has also opened a front against the BSP chief's arbitrariness. Dalit thinker Dr. Charan Singh claims that the society is now rejecting the voters of the votes.

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