National Dog Day 2021: There is a craze for foreign dogs in India

Dogs are seen as a 'status symbol' in India. Most people keep exotic dogs. Dogs are imported into India from many countries including America, Germany, which cost up to lakhs of rupees.
Image Credit: Dainik Bhaskar
Image Credit: Dainik Bhaskar

Dogs are seen as a 'status symbol' in India. Most people keep exotic dogs. Dogs are imported into India from many countries including America, Germany, which cost up to lakhs of rupees. On the other hand, Robin Singh, who hails from Himachal Pradesh, has taken a unique initiative. They are sending native street dogs roaming the streets overseas. Robin has so far sent more than 100 street dogs to many countries including America, United Kingdom, Canada, Finland, Israel. He is called the 'Robinhood' of animals.

Even after a good job, I did not feel like in America

In 2003, Robin got an opportunity to work in America. After a few years of hard work, his life was set, he started living a better life. Even then he was not very happy. He did not feel like in America. After much deliberation, Robin decided that he would return to India. Robin returned to India in August 2012. After coming here, he started traveling in different cities in India.

Life changed after meeting an elderly woman

Image Credit: Dainik Bhaskar
Image Credit: Dainik Bhaskar

Meanwhile, in Auroville, Tamil Nadu, he met a 60-year-old woman, Lorraine. His financial condition was not very good. She was also often ill. However, she had more than 50 street dogs, which she looked after herself. Lorraine used to collect litter from nearby hotels and raise dogs from it.

Robin was very sad to see this. They decide to help Lorraine and try to change the lives of Street Dogs. For a few days, he worked with Lorraine. He used to feed street dogs as well as treat them. This gave new life to many street dogs and a purpose to Robin. In the year 2013, Robin decided that he would do this work on a large scale. He then started the 'Satray Dog Sterilization' program in Delhi, under which he used to sterilize street dogs, treat injured dogs.

After some time, he felt that doing this is not enough for the needy animals. In 2014, he started an NGO named 'People Farm' with a small team of 5 people in Himachal Pradesh, which works on the tag line 'We help animals heal, and be heard'. The purpose of which is to help needy animals.

How do you make the life of dogs?

Image Credit: Dainik Bhaskar
Image Credit: Dainik Bhaskar

Robin has issued a helpline number for this. Under which people give information about injured dogs and other animals to the NGO. When the call comes, Robin's team rescues the dogs from that place. After that, he is treated at the Veterinary Hospital of the farm itself. After recovery, those animals are released back to that place, but sometimes it is not possible to do so. Many such animals are not able to survive outside even after getting cured.

Such animals are given a place to live in the NGO itself. However, the organization also has limited resources. The biggest challenge for the organization is space. To overcome this problem, Robin started working on the adoption concept. Under this, Robin is sending indigenous dogs for adoption to different cities of India as well as abroad.

Chilgoza and Tillu reach Chicago and Israel

Once Robin's team found an injured dog in a garbage dump, whose tail and hind legs were completely injured. During the surgery, the doctors had to cut off his tail. The wound healing after surgery, but he was finding it difficult to walk. People Farm named this dog Chilgoza. Due to good care on the farm, Chilgoza's health started improving. At the same time, a woman named Riley, who came from Chicago, met Chilgoza at the farm. Robin explains that people abroad see dogs as friends, or rather, there is a more emotional connection with dogs or other pets. The same thing happened with Riley. After spending some time with Chilgoza, she took him with her to Chicago.

Another similar story is of a dog named Tillu. Tillu was rescued from Dalhousie in Himachal. He was attacked by a leopard. Tillu survived, but there were wounds in many parts of his body. Even after being cured, he was not in such a condition that he could live in the open. Robin's team approached Dr. Orly of Israel for his adoption. After fully recovering, Tillu was deported to Israel.

People Farm has rescued more than 3000 animals so far. Those who have been released back to their place after treatment. Robin says that people are also being greatly influenced by the work of People Farm. Many people praise his work on social media and are inspired by it. Many people have now started raising indigenous dogs in their own homes, while many people donate money to them.

Image Credit: Dainik Bhaskar
Image Credit: Dainik Bhaskar

From where do you raise funds?

About 48 paid volunteers work in People Farm. The accommodation and food for these people are arranged by the farm itself. Organic farming is done on the farm to meet the economic needs. Along with this, they also generate some income from marketing many other food products. With the help of which they take out the expenses of their NGO. Apart from this, many people also help them financially in the form of donations. Robin is associated with the care of animals as well as the campaign to save the environment. They are also making people aware.

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