Sex Education may be Taboo in India but It is Important for your Kids Too...

Knowledge of sex education is as important as knowledge of other subjects.
Sex Education

Sex Education

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I think sex education should include enhancing a girl's sexual self-image and self-esteem, and give her the tools to say "NO", and ultimately "YES", when the time is right. ANITA H. CLAYTON

In 2007, the Government of India started the Adolescent Education Program. There was constant opposition to it. Some states even banned it. Despite this, the program was implemented in selected government and private schools. But teachers feel hesitant in educating there too and complete the formality only by giving cursory information.

What is sex education?

Before knowing anything, let us know about sex education. Sex education is a broad term used to describe the medium of education about human sexual anatomy, sexual reproduction, mating, and human sexual behaviors. Some form of sex education is part of the curriculum in many schools. This remains a contentious issue in many countries, particularly at the age at which children should begin to be educated about human sexuality and behavior. To prepare adolescents to readily accept the changes taking place at this age.

Knowledge of sex education is as important as knowledge of other subjects. In India, there is no sex education even in colleges, as a result, it creates misconceptions related to sex education, sex-related superstitions and many problems related to it arise. Apart from this, sex education also makes married life beautiful, both men and women should have complete knowledge about sex.

If children are not given proper sex education, gender-based violence, gender inequality, early and unintended pregnancies, HIV, and other sexually transmitted infections will increase and become difficult to prevent. In such a situation, it is necessary that not only the teacher in the school but also the parents, keeping the hesitation away, talk to their child on this subject.

Why do youth need comprehensive sex education?

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Sex Education

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When transitioning from childhood to adulthood, many young people are confused and misinformed about relationships and sex. This has led to an increased demand for reliable information, which prepares them for a safe, productive, and fulfilling life.

When comprehensive sex education will be helpful in providing accurate information to children, then it will empower young people to make informed decisions about relationships and sexuality and prevents a world where gender-based violence, gender inequality, early and unintended pregnancies, HIV, and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are rampant.

Equally, a lack of high-quality, age and developmentally appropriate sex education can leave children and young people more vulnerable to harmful sexual behavior and sexual abuse. Comprehensive sex education plays an important role in addressing the health and wellbeing of children and youth.

Comprehensive sex education not only provides children and youth with age-appropriate education on human rights, gender equality, relationships, reproduction, the risks of sexual behavior, and the prevention of ill health but also provides an opportunity to represent sexuality. Emphasizes values such as respect, inclusion, non-discrimination, equality, empathy, responsibility, and reciprocity, along with a positive attitude.

Importance of sex education for children

Why is sex education necessary for children, we can easily understand this through some points given below.

  • Through sex education, children get information about the function and importance of their genital organs.

  • Sex education also helps children understand what is the right age for participation in sexual activity and how harmful it can be to participate in this activity before the right age.

  • Also, through this, children develop an understanding of better physical relations, so that they can avoid taking steps in the wrong direction.

  • This education is also necessary because, through this, children are also made aware of the risk of many serious diseases like HIV caused by sexual activity.

  • Children who participate in sex education create awareness of sexual activity, which may also increase their chances of being less prone to unsafe sex.

Benefits of sex education for children

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Sex Education

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Now, let us understand the benefits of sex education age-wise so that its usefulness can be better understood according to the age of the children.

  • For 2-5-year-olds: Children 2 to 5 years old are goofy. They had no idea of the evil intentions of the people. This is the reason why people of perverted mentality are able to sexually abuse children of this age easily. In such a situation, it is necessary that children of this age must be explained about good and bad touch. It is also considered an integral part of sex education. With the help of this information, children will be able to prevent bad people from coming near themselves and an understanding will also be created in them about good people.

  • For children 9-12 years old: Children of this age are able to understand social and behavioral to a great extent and learn to connect with people in an emotional way. Therefore, with children of this age, you can openly talk about sexual activity and sex education issues. You can explain to them what the effects and consequences of sexual activity can be. Issues like pregnancy after periods, the problem of sexual dysfunction and HIV can be discussed.

  • With this, you can understand the thoughts about sexual activity in your children's minds. This will give you a chance to change and improve your children's views. You will also be able to easily explain to them the importance and seriousness of a physical relationship. Girls of this age can also be exposed to information related to the menstrual cycle. Also, boys can be given information related to the age and severity of correct sexual activity, so that in the future, due to wrong information, do not take any unwise step.

  • For children of 2-19 years: This is such a stage of the age when every child has an attraction towards the opposite sex and a strong desire to know about it. This eagerness and strong desire to know everything can lead children in the wrong direction. Therefore, it is very important to give proper sex education to children at this stage of age, so that they can understand some important aspects related to sexual activity in a better way. These can include topics such as the right age of sexual activity, safety during sexual activity, risks of sexual activity, and the use of birth control pills. Along with this, the benefit of sex education will also be that children will be able to openly talk to you related to sexual activity and will also be able to get the right redress of their doubts

Impotrances of sex education in India

There have been many debates and discussions on the importance of sex education, that it should be implemented in the school. Some people are against it, while some people have given the green signal understanding its need. Sex education among children teaches them about sexuality, changes in their bodies, and all they need to know before puberty begins. Sex education can teach children many things about their bodies, while it can also mislead them. According to experts, the main reason for increasing interest in sex among children is the Internet.

The interest in sex among children has increased due to the obscene material available on the Internet and the interest of the youth towards the Internet. Even today, in our society, if children ask parents about sex, then parents become red with shame and get angry. In such a situation, children find answers to questions related to sex with the help of the internet and magazines. In this they get information, but only half-heartedly. Sometimes, because of this incomplete information, children also start establishing physical relations. It is better than the child's curiosity about sex should be pacified properly in school or parents should try to give them sex education in the right language according to their age.

According to sex experts, if children are taught the aspects related to sex in the school itself, then they do not fall under any kind of seduction. Nothing wrong with sex can affect them in any way. Sex education is very important especially for girls.

Sex education in schools

Sex education in schools should cover topics such as reproduction, sexually transmitted diseases, sexual orientation, HIV/AIDS, abstinence, contraception, pregnancy, abortion, and adoption. It is taught to children in grades 7 to 12, although some of these subjects can be taught to class 4 students as well. Various laws have been enacted on how sex education should be taught.

In most areas of India, schools ask for parental consent regarding their child's participation in classes organized for sex education. The primary focus of sex education in schools is to make the child aware of sexual health issues such as teen pregnancy and STDs. Research suggests that most families support the idea of providing sex education to their children in schools.

Disadvantages of sex education

Generally, teachers imparting sex education to children are not experts. They sometimes provide the knowledge of sex education in a very wrong way or in a misleading way due to which it has a wrong and harmful effect on the mind of the children.

Giving sex education is not really an easy task. Children are not only ashamed to hear about the private parts of their bodies, but the teacher also has a lot of hesitation. So, its disadvantage may be that children may not be interested in listening or receiving it.

Children can also become addicted to watching porn videos on the Internet after knowing about the changes taking place in the body.

It is said that incomplete or little knowledge is more dangerous. Most sex educators provide sex education to children in physical education or health classes. Due to not giving enough information, children themselves start learning by doing some experiments which are very harmful to them.

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