Hema’s Eyes Shed Tears when Mob Surrounded Her…

Hema said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has worked considering women as ‘Narayani’. Today a woman can run the house, and she can also run the country.
Hema’s Eyes Shed Tears

Hema’s Eyes Shed Tears

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After the departure of the Prime Minister, BJP MP from Mathura, Hema Malini also started leaving from a program in Prayagraj on Tuesday, while leaving the Matrishakti program organized at the Parade Ground, people standing at the gate surrounded her. Along with women, men also surrounded her in the process of taking selfies. Hema Malini was stuck in the backstage crowd. The team of Civil Defense helped her in reaching the car. After this incident, Hema was so disturbed that her eyes shed tears.

'She is a heroine'

Meanwhile, another drama happened that while insisting to meet Hema Malini, BJP MLC Surendra Chaudhary clashed with the police. Actually, he was stopped by the police from reaching Hema Malini. On this, Chowdhary got upset and said that she is a heroine, what is the problem in the meeting? The officers explained to BJP MLC Surendra Cahudhary that they could not let anyone in.

On being stopped by the police, Chaudhary created a ruckus with his supporters. This incident was recorded by the people present there. After this, Chaudhary said that Hema Malini is our MP, so I want to meet her. However, Chaudhary's video is going viral on social media.

Hema greeted everyone by saying- ‘Radhe-Radhe’

MP Hema Malini first greeted Janata Janardan by saying Radhe-Radhe. Her style of greeting won the hearts of the people. As soon as she said Radhe-Radhe, 2.5 lakh women sitting in the parade ground also said Radhe-Radhe. Hema said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has worked considering women as ‘Narayani’. Today a woman can run the house, and she can also run the country. The number of women MPs in Parliament is much more than before. BJP is number one in this matter.

Seeing and hearing Hema Malini addressing the crowd, women over there showed their enthusiasm. Hema said that this enthusiasm will again lead the BJP to victory in the 2022 elections. BJP government will be formed in UP again in 2022.

Mathura Corridor

<div class="paragraphs"><p><strong>Mathura Corridor</strong></p></div>

Mathura Corridor

Image by- Deecan Herald 

While addressing the women on the stage, Hema Malini first welcomed the women and said-That we women are no less than anyone. Our strength is our courage. Today PM Modi has done the work of increasing the respect and dignity of women. The BJP government has made the country progress. Just as the Vishwanath Corridor in Banaras has gained fame all over the world, in the same way the Mathura Corridor was made. Mathura is also the city of Lord Krishna and people from all over the world come here.

'It is not a big deal'

When MP Hema Malini was questioned by MP Jaya Bachchan for cursing BJP, in response Hema said that I do not know what Jaya ji has said. Everyone keeps cursing each other in politics, it is not a big deal.

Hema further said that the country is changing. What did not happen in last 60 years under the previous governments, has happened in the BJP government only in 7 years. PM Modi has made Dr. Ambedkar's dreams come true.

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Hema’s Eyes Shed Tears</p></div>
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