How did PM Modi Address the Country from 2014 to the Corona Period?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also had a vision of a self-reliant India from the ramparts of the Red Fort amid the worldwide corona epidemic.
How did PM Modi Address the Country from 2014 to the Corona Period?
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Narendra Modi came to power for the first time in the country on 16 May 2014 and the Prime Minister was crowned for the second time on 30 May 2019. The state of politics can change direction. When Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister for the first time in 2014, from that time till now, how many times he has addressed the country, let us tell-

In 2014, for the first time, PM Modi gave a 65-minute long speech to the campaigner of the Red Fort. After that PM Modi's speech on the occasion of Independence Day in 2015 was 86 minutes. In the year 2016, PM Modi's name to the nation was the longest address from the Red Fort. He addressed the nation for 94 minutes. In the year 2017, Prime Minister Modi had a speech of 57 minutes. Which was the shortest address compared to the rest of the years.

First public curfew announced

In the year 2018, PM Modi gave a long speech of 82 minutes from the Red Fort. Whereas in 2019, he addressed the country for 92 minutes on the occasion of 73rd Independence Day. Now let's talk about the Corona era, PM Modi has addressed the country many times even during the Corona period.

March 19: At a time when Corona had knocked in the country, PM had announced Janata curfew in his first address on March 19.

March 24: On March 24, four days after his first address regarding the Corona case, the PM once again appeared in front of the people of the country. He had told that for the prevention of Coronavirus, a 21-day lockdown has been done in the entire country from 12 o'clock tonight.

April 3: PM once again addressed the country on April 3, PM Modi in his address emphasized solidarity in the war against Corona. He had said, The country can fight the battle against Corona only by being united. Some people are thinking that how many more days will have to be cut like this.

April 14: In his address, the PM had announced to extend the lockdown till May 3, which lasted till April 14. PM Modi said Fkk, Friends, keeping in mind all the suggestions, it has been decided that the lockdown in India Now it will have to be extended till May 3. That is, till May 3, all of us, every countryman will have to remain in lockdown.

Fifth message on 12th May

PM Narendra Modi addressed the country for the fifth time during the Corona period on 12 May 2020. During that time he gave a speech of 33 minutes. Also, a package of Rs 20 lakh crore was announced for the self-reliant India campaign.

Sixth address on 30th June

Prime Minister Narendra Modi once again interacted with the general public on 30 June 2020. During that, in a 17-minute speech, he announced to extend the Anna Yojana till November 2020.

Seventh Message on 20 October
On 20 October 2020, PM Modi addressed the country for the seventh time. During that time he made people aware. Also, said that until there is no medicine for Corona, there is no laxity.

Eighth speech delivered in April 2021

Prime Minister Narendra Modi met the public on 20 April in the year 2021. This was his eighth overall in the Corona period, but the first address to the nation in the year 2021. During that 19-minute speech, he told the states that the country has to be saved from lockdown. Governments should use this as a last resort.

9th address on 7th June
Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave the ninth message to the nation at 5 pm. He said that today it has been decided that the Government of India will bear the responsibility of 25% of the work that the states had related to vaccination. This arrangement will be implemented in two weeks.

The central and state government together will make necessary preparations according to the new guidelines. Incidentally, June 21 is also International Yoga Day. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had hoisted the tricolor from the ramparts of the Red Fort on 15 August 2021 on the occasion of 75th Independence Day and now addressed the nation.

Today we can address the rescue of Corona

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also addressed a high-level segment of the 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in New York on September 25. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address the nation today at 10 pm. This information has been given by the Prime Minister's Office. It is believed that in Friday's address, the Prime Minister will emphasize Covid vaccination and protection from the feared third wave.

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