Home Minister Amit Shah Turns 57 Today

Amit Shah, who is called the Home Minister of the country and Chanakya of BJP, turned 57 today.
Home Minister Amit Shah Turns 57 Today
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Amit Shah, who is called the Home Minister of the country and Chanakya of BJP, turned 57 today. On this occasion, we are going to introduce you to his childhood memories. Amit Shah is a native of Mansa, a small village located near Gandhinagar, the capital of Gujarat. To know the memories related to his childhood, we have had a special conversation with his friends in school.

Exclusive interview of friends from Shah's village 

Amit Shah was born in Mansa village. It was here that he also spent his childhood. Amit Shah studied in the same village school till 9th ​​standard. After this, he went to Ahmedabad for further studies. After this, his political career also started in Ahmedabad itself. Bhaskar's team interacted with Amit Shah's school friends in the same Mansa village.

Image Credit: DB
Image Credit: DB

Sudhir Kumar stayed at Amit's house during school days

Sudhir Kumar Sakalchand, an old friend of the Union Home Minister and a tailor by profession, says, Today people know her as Amit Shah, but in childhood, we used to call her 'Poonam'. We sat on the same bench from Kindergarten to class 9th. Studied together. After coming to class 10th, they went to Ahmedabad.

Sudhir further adds, Amitbhai is very calm and serious since childhood. We still cannot believe that even after being at this stage, there has been no change in his nature. Even today we meet friends in the same way as we used to meet in childhood. It was not even in our dreams that we had thought that one day he would reach such a high position and would do so much for the country. Actually, Amitbhai is at the place where he is today, behind him is the culture he got from home. His house has been very cultured. Amit Bhai has also been very fond of reading since childhood. He read many books like Chanakya, Mughal Empire.

Class monitor for the first time in class 5th

Sudhir also says, During school days, I often stayed at his house. I used to study with him and eat food with him. My father and I used to stitch his clothes too. I remember in class 5th. For the first time he contested and won the election of class monitor, but no one had any idea that politics would be his career. Our friends only pray that he should attain our age so that he can do more for the country. be able to work.

Amit Bhai is in such a position today, from where he is doing many things for the development of the country and will continue to do so. At the same time, he is not able to do much work in the protocol of the Prime Minister. Stay in this position. Today he has no match in politics. The only hope from Amit Bhai is that everyone in the country should get employment and the way he is working, it is not even difficult.

Image Credit: News 18
Image Credit: News 18

Amit Bhai is Complete Familyman

Sudhir further says that Amitbhai is very fond of food and drink. He loves Chevda-Puri of Mansa village and Pav-Bhaji of Ahmedabad. He is a family man. Amit Bhai's life is very busy, yet he regularly attends family functions. It is a matter of great pride for our Mansa village that they took two days for the village and got the old temple of Mata renovated.

Yogesh Kumar Mafatlal Joshi, another old friend of Shah, told that he too spent his childhood with Amit Bhai. Yogesh says that after play-school they went to school together. Amit Bhai has lived a very simple life since childhood and has been of a calm nature. Even in school, he never had a fight with anyone. On the dispute of our friends, he always used to say that one should not talk more than anyone. Only this can be understood from his calm nature. We used to play Lakhoti, Gilli-Danda, and Cricket together. Whenever Amitbhai comes to Mansa village, he first comes to see Bahuchar Mata. Many people have become old in the village today, but Amitbhai does not forget to meet them too.

Amit Shah's maternal uncle Mukundbhai Mohanlal Shah says The village has been the Pushtimargiya Haveli of Govardhannathji for nearly twenty years. Whenever Amit comes to the village, he definitely comes here to have darshan. I often stay here and even today when Amit comes here, after touching my feet, he sits on the stairs.

His personality has always been simple, which has not changed to date. Even though he is in such a high position, but to date, he has not spoken to anyone in a high voice. Meet the people of the village in the same way as they used to meet in childhood. Amit Bhai's ancestral house is in front of Bahuchar Mata temple in Mansa and his childhood was spent in this house. That's why they often come here.

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