Government Has Issued New Rules For E-Commerce

The most important of the new rules is that the e-commerce site will have to write on every product where it is made.
Image Credit: Inventiva
Image Credit: Inventiva

The Modi government has issued new rules for e-commerce companies. For this, the Government has issued Consumer Protection (E-Commerce) Rules 2020, under which all the rules and regulations have been made. Violations of the rules will take strict action under the Consumer Protection Act 2019. On 20 July, Consumer Affairs Secretary Leena Nandan said that the rules have become final. Rules have been made so that customers benefit, as well as that e-commerce policies do not have any major impact. Let us know what is in the new rules for you and what will benefit you.

Have to Tell You Where the Stuff is Made

Now, it will be necessary for the e-commerce companies to write on the products found on their platforms where the goods are made. Action will be taken against the e-commerce company which will not do so. That is, before buying any item, you will know where it is made.

Why is it Important to Tell Where the Goods are Made?

Image Credit: The Hindu
Image Credit: The Hindu

The Modi government has decided to tell you about the location of each product on its product so that people themselves can decide whether they have to buy those goods or not. The government's decision to boycott Chinese goods can cause huge damage to China and will help users to make decisions while buying goods.

This Information Will Also Have to be Given

All the information about the product including its expiry date, returns, refunds, exchanges, warranties and guarantees will also have to be given for delivery and shipment. Also, if the customer needs any more information to make his decision, he will also have to provide it to the e-commerce company.

No More Cancellation Charges

Image Credit: YourStory
Image Credit: YourStory

According to the new rules, the e-commerce website cannot impose cancellation charges on customers to cancel orders. That is, if you cancel a product now, the e-commerce site will not ask for any charge. Doing so would be a violation of the rules.

Will Not be Misled by Price

Under the new act, e-commerce websites also cannot mislead customers about the price. They cannot show the wrong price to earn more profit. Nor can e-commerce companies discriminate on any basis with customers.

Payment Methods Must be Specified

E-commerce websites will also have to tell which methods of payment are available with them. The security of these payment methods will also have to be informed and along with other information, which is necessary to make the payment. It is also important to give information about the service provider.

It is Necessary to Give Information About the Seller

Image Credit: Money Crashers
Image Credit: Money Crashers

According to the new rules, the e-commerce website will also have to show complete information about the seller. It will also have to show the name of his business and tell whether he is registered or not. The geographic address of the seller, customer care number and the ratings received will also have to be shown.

There is also a Rule Related to Complaint

The new regulations also take into account complaints made by customers. According to the rules, the e-commerce website will be required to provide a ticket number along with every complaint, with the help of which the customer can check the state of their complaint.

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