GoAir’s Special Scheme, Giving Facility Like a Charter Plane!

Airline company GoAir has launched a scheme, under which customers can book multiple seats and create a private zone for themselves.
Image Credit: www.goair.in
Image Credit: www.goair.in

Airline company GoAir  on Friday launched a special scheme called the GoFlyPrivate scheme. In this, they are offering a private zone to the passengers. Under this, the airline company is offering the facility to book multiple seats on a single PNR. The airline said that in such a booking, the customer will have to pay a lot less money than booking a full private charter flight.

Create Your Own Private Zone on the Plane

Undergo GoFlyPrivate, customers can decide how many seats and lines they want to block so that they can get private areas. Already struggling with a revenue crisis due to the Coronavirus epidemic, Go Air Company is trying various ways to increase its earnings.

What Companies are Doing to Increase Earnings

Booking a vacant neighbourhood seat at a discount rate with GoAir has also been an attempt to increase earnings so that people can travel around the area during the CoronaVirus epidemic, making the area around them safe. Offering quarantine packages in collaboration with hotels and tie-ups with doctors-labs is also part of this effort.

Private Charter Plane at Very Low Cost

Image Credit: Google Sites
Image Credit: Google Sites

GoAir Managing Director Jeh Wadia said that GoAir has also introduced private charter flights for those who cannot afford charter flights. Charter-like private zones are available under GoFlyPrivate for much less. Wadia said that there was a lot of demand for such service from the customers and the company has started such a service.

Vistara Airlines Received A321 Neo-Aircraft

Vistara Airlines has received the first Airbus A321 neo-aircraft from Airbus's Hamburg factory yesterday. It can be used for short and medium distance international flights of up to seven hours. In a statement on Friday, Vistara reported that the A321 Neo is a small-sized aircraft. Vistara has become the first airline in Southeast Asia to take delivery of this aircraft. This is such an aircraft which has all the royal facilities. 

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