Viral Video: It Took Two Hours for Allu Arjun to look like Pushpa Raj...

According to reports, ‘Pushpa 2’ could be released in December of this year, on the same day as Pushpa Part 1 was released.
Allu Arjun

Allu Arjun

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The fame that Allu Arjun has gained as Pushpa Raj has been witnessed by the entire world. The film is fantastic, but Allu Arjun, whose style, attitude, and appearance have gotten a lot of attention, was even better. When it comes to appearance, let us inform you that there has been a lot of talk regarding Allu Arjun's appearance in the film. If a character is to be played well, it must be understood, and appearance is very important. As a result, preparing Allu for Pushpa was no easy task, given the character's inherent difficulties. Allu found it extremely tough to prepare for this role.

Makeup used to take two hours...

To become Pushpa, actor Allu Arjun had to put in a full two hours of effort. During this time, the entire team is working on Allu Arjun's makeover. Allu was entirely taken down in the avatar of Pushpa by altering his features.

After the film's release, Allu Arjun revealed in some interviews that he had to be very patient with the make-up, which he admitted was challenging at times. Nonetheless, the actor must tolerate all of this in order to fulfill his role in the film. At the same time, all of your hard work has paid off. Pushpa is popular not only in the South, but also around the world.

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Allu Arjun

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Fans, on the other hand, are excitedly anticipating the release of ‘Pushpa The Rise Part 2’, which will begin filming soon. According to reports, ‘Pushpa 2’ could be released in December of this year, on the same day as Pushpa Part 1 was released.

Shreyas has contributed to these films…

‘Hey, Pushpa, naam sunke flower samajhe kya…fire hain main’.

Let us tell you that the voice of Allu Arjun in 'Pushpa' was provided by Bollywood actor Shreyas Talpade, who previously worked on Ajay Devgn's Golmaal series. He has also appeared in movies such as Poster Boy, Hum Tum Shabana, and Iqbal.

He has now won the hearts of people all over the world by lending his melodious voice to the song 'Pushparaj.' He did not receive much attention because he is a member of the production team. Recently, the Poster Boys star posted a video on his social media account in which he can be seen speaking dialogues for Allu Arjun. 'Pushpa's name is understood as a flower,' says the film's famous dialogue. 'Flower nahi fire hai main...' and 'Pushpa Pushparaj Main Jhukega Nahi' have gone viral.

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