Do Not Like the Path of Comfort, Have Come to Live for the Country: PM Modi

Responding to the Thanksgiving offer on President Ramnath Kovind's address in the Lok Sabha, PM Modi said that. Thanks to this proposal, thanks to the people of the country.
Do Not Like the Path of Comfort, Have Come to Live for the Country: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is responding to the discussion on the thanks motion on the speech of President Ramnath Kovind in the Lok Sabha During this time, he said that in the  President's address how to take it, what things we want to work on. They have presented a blueprint for it.

Thanks to this proposal, thanks to the people of the country. The dream of a strong, secure nation has been seen by many great men of our country and we all have to move forward together with greater speed to fulfill it. India should not lose this opportunity in today's global environment. We can overcome all the challenges in fulfilling the aspirations of the country. About 60 new MPs participated in this discussion. He kept his talk well and made the discussion meaningful. Experienced people put forward their discussion in their own way.

The PM said during this time that we are all human beings and the impression that sit in the mind and it is difficult to get out. The impact of the election speech was seen here and the same thing was getting to hear. He said that the Speaker has carried forward this discussion properly, even though you are new to the House and try to put the new members in trouble. After decades, the country has given a strong mandate.

He said that in 3 weeks the government made many important decisions so that the country could be brought forward. Enhanced the scope of the Kisan Adhikar Nidhi, also made important decisions for children of the soldiers and police children. The important bill related to human rights has been brought to the Parliament. Whatever work can be done to carry everyone together, we have done those things as soon as possible.

This is the first session of the Parliament after the commencement of the 17th Lok Sabha. In the Lok Sabha on the first day of this discussion, Congress leader of the Lok Sabha, Mr. Adhir Ranjan Chaudhary, hit him hard on the BJP. During this, he said that the BJP managed to win the 2019 election, because PM Modi is a 'very big salesman'. During this time, he used a dirty word like 'dirty drain' for PM Modi while crossing the line. The Prime Minister was present in the House during this time.

Adhir Ranjan Chaudhary, during this time, targeted the BJP over the 2G Spectrum scam coal scam and said that if anyone has done something wrong then why UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi and Congress President Rahul Gandhi are not in jail. Why are they still in Parliament?

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