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Image Credit: TOI

Caste Certificate Rajasthan; Single Mothers Children Get Jati Praman Patra Without Father’s Name

The compulsion of father's name in cast certificate ends: Children of a single mother living separately from husband will be able to make cast certificate in the name of mother

In Rajasthan, the requirement of the father's name has been removed. Therefore, children of a single mother can issue caste certificates as SC, ST, OBC, and EWS. Therefore, now children of a single mother can issue a cast certificate. The certificate will be issued in the name of the mother instead of the father. The Department of Social Justice and Empowerment has issued a circular for this.

According to the new provisions, women living apart from their husbands due to family disputes come under this provision. However, women who face estrangement, and domestic violence, are equal to the caste of the woman and her husband. Also, legally divorced women will also be able to issue a cast certificate.

Cast certificate of children will be made on the basis of mother's caste

Cast certificates have been made on the basis of the father's caste till now. However, now the exemption will be given in the cases of searched, widowed, and abandoned.

Such a single mother, whose children's father is not known, neither the caste of the father is known. In such cases, the caste certificate of the children can be made on the basis of the mother's caste.

Image Credit: Youth Ki Aawaz
Image Credit: Youth Ki Aawaz

Certificate of Economically Weaker Section also in the Name of Mother

Economically Weaker Section (EWS) is the biggest basis for the calculation of income. In EWS cases, income certificates of children will be issued on the basis of the income of the divorced woman.

EWS women who are living separately from their husbands. Their income will be added to the income of the husband. Also, the husband's income will be added to their income until the divorce takes place. However, an income certificate will be issued on the basis of that income only.

Cast Certificate is Necessary for Benefits from Government Jobs to Scholarships and Schemes

Cast certificate is necessary for taking advantage of government schemes, scholarships, and government jobs. Also, reservation of SC, ST, OBC, and EWS is available only on the basis of caste certificates. Children of single mothers faced problems due to the compulsion of the father's name in the cast certificate.

Therefore now the issue of cast certificates in the name of the mother will make it easier for them. Also, Children of single mothers will now be able to easily apply for government jobs. However, they would also be able to take advantage of scholarships and government schemes.

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