Bridge & Tunnels are Built Rapidly in Arunachal Pradesh

A network of roads and tunnels is being laid along the 1350-km-long Line of Actual Control (LAC) in the Arunachal Pradesh.
Image Credit: News Nation
Image Credit: News Nation

Preparations are in full swing in Arunachal Pradesh not to give China a chance to act like Eastern Ladakh. A network of roads and tunnels is being laid along the 1350-km-long Line of Actual Control (LAC) in the Arunachal sector to bring the army to the front. Along with this, a hi-tech surveillance system has also been prepared through drone planes and special helicopters received from Israel, which is giving instant information about every small movement.

Tunnels will be completed before time

According to a PTI report, Anant Kumar Singh, an engineer with the Border Roads Organization (BRO), told that a lot of roads and tunnels are being built in Arunachal to reach the border faster. About 20 big bridges are being built, which can bear the weight of heavy vehicles like tanks.

  • Two such tunnels are being built at Nechifu and Sela Pass, which will facilitate movement throughout the year in the area.
  • These two tunnels will be ready ahead of time in August next year
  • A very important road is being prepared from Tenga Zero Point to Itanagar.
  • Construction of "Western Access Road" from Tawang to Shergaon also on fast
  • Work is also being done on the plan to connect Tawang with the railway network.

Drones received from Israel have been deployed

Along with providing fast access to the border, there is also an emphasis on moment-to-moment monitoring. For this, continuous surveillance is being done night and day. A fleet of remotely operated aircraft has been deployed for surveillance. These include a fleet of Heron drones received from Israel, which are flying for long periods of time, sending critical data and pictures to command and control centers.

The Aviation Wing of the Indian Army has also landed its helicopters for surveillance. The Aviation Wing has deployed the Weapon System Integrated (WSI) version of the Advanced Light Helicopter – Rudra, for this, which has further strengthened India's strategic operations in this region.

Trying to Build Battlefield Transparency

Major General Zubin A Minawala, General Officer Commanding, 5 Mountain Division, told PTI on Monday that our target is to create maximum battlefield transparency. For this, along with strengthening the road infrastructure, the help of hi-tech surveillance equipment is being taken. The Army's 5 Mountain Division guards the border against Boom La to the western part of Bhutan. It is considered to be the most important deployment of the Indian Army. Major General Zubin said, 'Now the enemy cannot surprise us. We are completely confident about our goals. We are following a confident approach in dealing with every possible situation.

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