Blueprint of the Indian Air Force: Israel’s New Special Force

The strength of Israel's Air Force, the move to bring all of them into a wing, in one command, is considered a revolutionary idea.
Image Credit: Sputnik News
Image Credit: Sputnik News

The 7th Aerial Special Force Wing has been formed to include all Special Forces of the Israeli Air Force in one command. Forces of the Israeli Experts on this Israeli defence strategy believes that such a step will also motivate India and based on this idea, future strategies of the Indian Air Force (IAF) can be prepared.

Why Was This Squadron Formed?

Referring to the press release of the Army, it has been said that the purpose of forming the 7th Aerial Special Forces Wing is to respond to the emerging threats on many fronts and to meet the operational needs. This wing will increase the operational effectiveness of the units. This wing will always support itself as a major force for special activities, routines and emergency operations of the Israeli Air Force.

How is this Squad Formed?

Image Credit: The Economic Times
Image Credit: The Economic Times

Along with the search operation, Unit 669, relief operations are included in the Shaldag Commando Unit and the squads that make airfields in enemy camps. The frontal landing unit will also be connected as an intelligence unit and special forces school for the wing. It is being described as a historic step in the history of the Israeli Air Force.

Why Was the Need for Such a Squad Arise?

The Israeli Air Force has to carry out regular military operations in Asl, as Hamas targets so-called militant organizations that have to target the Gaza Strip. On the other hand, the Israeli Air Force also has to carry out airstrikes against Iranian activities in Syria.

Overall, the concern of Mubtila Israel in the conflict areas is always that the Iranian army should not increase its dominance and the militant forces should not dare to raise their head against Israel. For these reasons, a new wing has been created to make the Air Force more robust and effective.

How the Idea is Useful for India

Image Credit: The Wire
Image Credit: The Wire

The 7th Aerial Special Forces Wing has garnered much discussion among aviation experts and it is believed that for India this concept could serve as a blueprint for future squadrons of the Air Force. In Asl, this wing of Israel is important because it can remain efficiently active simultaneously in two-sided conflicts.

India has since faced challenges on its borders in two opposite directions. India has to be constantly vigilant on its borders against China and Pakistan. Also, while the Indian Air Force is considering increasing its 28 squadrons to 40, experts are of the view that the idea of Israel's new wing could be effective for fighting on two fronts.

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