All Burden on Defeat can Not be Put on Rahul Gandhi: Amrinder Singh

Punjab Captain Amrinder Singh said that the burden of defeat in Lok Sabha elections can not put on Rahul Gandhi. Hopefully he will withdraw his resignation from the Congress President.
All Burden on Defeat can Not be Put on Rahul Gandhi: Amrinder Singh

Rahul Gandhi's resignation as Congress National President has put the party in a difficult position. In this way, along with other senior Congress leaders, Punjab Chief Minister Capt Amrinder Singh has also come out in support of Rahul. He said that all the burden of defeat of Congress in the 2019 elections can not be put on Rahul Gandhi's shoulders alone. It is the collective responsibility of all. Hopefully Rahul Gandhi will withdraw his resignation and return. By their leadership and thinking the party will be more powerful.

Capt Amrinder said that the present time is very difficult for the Congress. The party leadership will have to come together and go. Only then will we be able to get out of this situation. Rahul Gandhi should continue to lead the party with the same mobility and spirit of combat, as he did during the election campaign. He said that the entire leadership of Rahul can not be defined by an election defeat. It is not right to call Rahul Gandhi a liar for his collective defeat.

Capt Amrinder Singh said that Rahul Gandhi successfully conquered the Congress a few months before the Lok Sabha elections in the three assembly elections. There are many reasons for the defeat in the Lok Sabha elections. Bharatiya Janata Party has won in the elections with the issue of nationalism, which suppresses Congress's positive election campaign under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi.

Capt Amrinder Singh said that victory and defeat are part of electoral politics. Each loser provides a platform for the party to re-emerge. In the dynamic and resolved leadership of Rahul, the Congress will certainly emerge again and be more powerful. Amrinder hoped that Rahul Gandhi will soon return to the President to take the party back to the height.

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