Afghan Students Studying in GB Pant University do not want to Return Home

GB Pant Agricultural and Technological University under the Afghan-Indo Joint Fellowship, are nearing completion
Image Credit: Amat Ujala
Image Credit: Amat Ujala

Four Afghan students, who are pursuing their postgraduate education at GB Pant Agricultural and Technological University under the Afghan-Indo Joint Fellowship, are nearing completion, but due to the current situation in Afghanistan, they do not want to return to their homeland, despite the date of their passports and visas. is also nearing its end.

Responsibility for the university

In such a situation, the students of Afghanistan have emerged as a problem and responsibility for the university and the country. The students have not even been able to talk to their families for three months. Due to which they are also worried about their well-being.

Afghan student Mustafa Sultani's M.Sc. degree has been completed in the university. She has been issued all the certificates from the university. She is trying for no dues certificate from the district administration to return home but in the meantime. The news of the Taliban occupation of Afghanistan has disturbed him. Now in the current situation, these students do not want to go there at the moment.

Image Credit: BBC
Image Credit: BBC

Hope from the University Administration

Similar is the situation of M.Sc. student Hazrat Shah Ajiji, Ph.D. student Hashimi. At the same time, Abdul Wahab. An M.Sc. student who went to his homeland during the semester break is in Afghanistan. So fellow students are also worried about his skills. These students said that due to the current circumstances it would be difficult to get a fellowship from the Afghan government, which would lead to financial constraints including staying in India.

He said that due to the instability in Afghanistan, the communication system has been disrupted for a long time, due to which they are not able to contact the family members for three months. He expressed hope from the University Administration, District Administration. Government of India that they would extend all possible help to them.

Image Credit: gbpuat
Image Credit: gbpuat

The rules drew lines of concern on the forehead

After obtaining the degree, they have to apply online at the Embassy in time when the visa expires, while in person at the Afghan Embassy in Delhi after the validity of the passport expires. Recommendation for extension of validity is possible from Kabul or Dubai, which is likely to take one to two months. University Bonafide Certificate is also required to be attached with these applications.

Students told that bank account and mobile sim card are also associated with our passport and visa. As soon as the validity of our passport and visa expires, our mobile and bank accounts will also be frozen, as well as we will be deprived of the facilities of hotels, restaurants, and railways, etc. in any city of India.

In view of the circumstances, policy decisions will be taken after bringing the students to the notice of the higher authorities so that the students do not face any kind of problem.
– Dr. Brijesh Singh

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