9 leaders including 8 Congress MLAs from Rajasthan have been made district observers in Uttarakhand

Congress MLAs Prashant Bairwa, Danish Abrar, Indraj Gurjar, Krishna Poonia, Vedprakash Solanki, Indira Meena, Chetan Dudi, Rafiq Khan, and former Mayor Jyoti Khandelwal have been made district observers for the assembly elections. Bhajan Lal Jatav and Rajendra Yadav have been given the responsibility of two Lok Sabha seats. 
Image Credit: DB
Image Credit: DB

Uttarakhand assembly elections are to be held in February. The Congress has given a big responsibility to the leaders of Rajasthan. 9 leaders including 8 Congress MLAs have been made district observers.

9 leaders have has been made District observers and are given the responsibility of 32 out of 70 seats in Uttarakhand. Therefore, the responsibility of about half the seats is on MLAs and leaders of Rajasthan. Two ministers have been made Lok Sabha observers. At the same time, a total of 11 leaders have been given responsibility in Uttarakhand.

Changing the Post

Minister Bhajan Lal Jatav has been given the responsibility of the Lok Sabha elections in Haridwar. However, this is the area of ​​senior leader Harish Rawat, who was the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand. At the same time, in the assembly elections, several ministers have been replaced. However, the observer of Haridwar city has been made by former mayor Jyoti Khandelwal.

From assembly tickets to contesting elections

The Congress MLAs have been made district observers. Therefore, they will conduct opinion polls for candidates for the tickets for the assembly elections. The District Observer will prepare a complete election strategy for the upcoming assembly seats. However, these leaders will also have the responsibility of coordination with the state in charge and other leaders.


Rajasthan's leaders are getting responsibilities

Rajasthan has become the most important state in Congress right now. Rajasthan is the only state where there is a Congress government. At the same time, the leaders are getting more electoral responsibilities than in other states. At the same time, Revenue Minister Harish Chaudhary has become in charge of Punjab. Health Minister Raghu Sharma has been given the responsibility of in-charge of Gujarat.

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