WhatsApp May Release Some Cool Features, Testing in Process

Here we are telling you about some of the WhatsApp features that are currently in the testing phase and they can be released soon from WhatsApp.
WhatsApp May Release Some Cool Features, Testing in Process

Facebook's proprietary messaging platform WhatsApp has got many new updates this year. This includes the unique biometric unlock given in the iPhone and some features for the group. The company does this in the beta version of any update before issuing it to everyone. Many such new features are also being offered in WhatsApp, they have been seen in beta testing. We are going to give you their information here. If you want you can also test these features, but you have to be a beta tester. The problem of the app used in beta is that it can be a crash or hang quite a few times.

Forwarding Information and Frequently Forwarded:

This feature can be rolled out by the company to deal with Fake News. The Forwarding Information feature will tell users how often a message has been forwarded. On the other hand, if a message has been forwarded more than four times through the Frequently Forwarded feature, then it will be marked as 'Frequently Forwarded'.

WhatsApp Product Catalog:

These features are designed to help small businesses, through which they can showcase their products directly on WhatsApp. They will show the business catalog of their business on their WhatsApp profile and the customer will be able to see them directly.

In-App Browser:

After clicking on a web link with the help of this feature, you will not need to open the other browser except the app. According to WABetaInfo, there is an in-app browser for Android version 2.19.74 of WhatsApp Beta. Additionally, Trekker also said that the In-App Browser's search history will not be able to access WhatsApp or Facebook.

Dark Mode:

With the help of this feature, the app can be used in dark color tone, which is comfortable for the eyes. In March, WABetaInfo was informed that in this mode the icon and heading will be highlighted in the signature of the WhatsApp App, while the text will remain vivid in white color.

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