Understanding DeepFake AI Technology: All You Need to Know

DeepFake AI Technology: Deepfake video technology involves using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to manipulate and replace the appearance of individuals in videos and photos.
Understanding DeepFake AI Technology: All You Need to Know
Understanding DeepFake AI Technology: All You Need to KnowImage Credit: Since Independence

DeepFake AI Technology: In the world of the internet, a video of actoress Rashmika Mandanna is currently going viral on social media.

If you've seen this video, you might have thought that it's Rashmika Mandanna, but in reality, it's not her.

This video is a deepfake viral video, meaning it's a fabricated video created by editing. In the realm of technology, such videos are referred to as deepfake videos.

After Rashmika Mandanna's video went viral, discussions about deepfake technology have gained prominence. Such deepfake videos raise concerns about the potential for misinformation and manipulation in the digital age.

Amitabh Bachchan, a prominent actor, has also expressed concern regarding deepfake videos. In deepfake videos, the body belongs to one person, but the face is digitally replaced with another person's face through editing. The viral video featuring Rashmika Mandana is created using a similar technique.

Cases of Deepfake Videos Increased Due to Use of AI

Cases of Deepfake Videos Increased Due to Use of AI
Cases of Deepfake Videos Increased Due to Use of AIImage Credit: iStock Photo

It's essential to recognize that deepfake technology is not new, but with the increased use of the internet and access to AI tools, deepfake videos are rapidly gaining prominence.

Deepfake videos and deepfake photos rely on artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

These videos are created by manipulating content using AI algorithms to make it appear as if someone is saying or doing something they never actually did.

Understanding DeepFake AI Technology

The term 'deepfake' is derived from 'deep learning,' a subset of machine learning. Deepfake technology is based on artificial neural networks and employs multiple layers (hence, 'deep').

It creates content that appears authentic, even though it may not be. The first notable instance of deepfake technology emerged in 2017 when a Reddit user created numerous deepfake videos.

The creation of deepfake videos involves two networks: an encoder and a decoder. The encoder reads the original content and transfers it to the decoder network, which generates the fake video with a different face.

This process results in a video where the face has been replaced, while the rest of the video remains the same.

DeepFake AI Technology Potential Legal Consequences

Creating and sharing deepfake videos or photos can lead to legal action under the Indian Penal Code. Offenders may face penalties and fines.

If such content harms someone's reputation, defamation charges may be filed.

Detecting Deepfake Videos

Deepfake videos are often so convincingly crafted that identifying them can be an extremely challenging task. However, it is not impossible.

To identify a deepfake, one must scrutinize the details meticulously. Pay attention to the subject's expressions, eye movements, and body language.

Often, deepfake videos may not perfectly match the body and face in terms of colour and alignment, which can be telltale signs.

To make the identification process easier, you can also employ AI tools designed for recognizing deepfake content, such as 'AI or Not' and 'Hive Moderation.' These tools can aid in detecting AI-generated videos more effectively.

In a world where deepfake technology is advancing rapidly, it is crucial to stay informed and vigilant, taking necessary precautions to protect against the misuse of this technology.

Understanding DeepFake AI Technology: All You Need to Know
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