'Get A whey' A Startup that Serves Whey Protein In Ice-cream

Get A Whey: A premium ice cream brand, was created in a mother's kitchen after her children sought a healthy method to satisfy their post-workout desires.
'Get A whey' A Startup that Serves Whey Protein In Ice-cream
Get A Whey Ice cream

Get A Whey: As we all know that protein is the building block of our muscles. Protein is a must if you want to gain muscle size. However Indian market is full of duplicate protein products and supplements. In this situation how can someone trust such manufacturers who claim that they are making highly enriched protein supplement products?

Protein tastes different due to the essence and preservatives present in that supplement and that seriously tastes confusing. But what if someone brings you ice cream and claims that they are providing you premium quality protein ice cream! sounds confusing?

Well here in this article, you will get to know about an Indian startup Idea that was completely born out of the kitchen.

‘Get A Whey’ An Amazing Idea Born Out of Mother’s Kitchen

Get A Whey Ice-cream

Both brother and sister are MBA graduates. They both thought to bring some innovative ideas that can also add quality to your lifestyle. Pashmi shared that Jash, who loves proteins, would buy various types of proteins whenever they traveled overseas. "He sought to get the greatest proteins from other countries."

So, when Jash and Pashmi wanted a healthy manner to satisfy their appetites from their mother, Jimmy Shah, she blended some whey protein into ice cream. That's how the Get-A-Whey ice cream concept was born.

This home recipe quickly turned into a lucrative business possibility, with a large number of people interested. The brand was founded in Mumbai in 2018 with a simple logo, an initial investment of Rs 10 lakh from family members, and a staff of three. The first several years of running the firm were fraught with difficulties.

'Get A whey' A Startup that Serves Whey Protein In Ice-cream
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‘Get A Whey’ Startup Idea Got Mother's Business and Cooking Skills

Image Credit: Get A Whey

Pashmi explains that coming from a family of diamond merchants who mostly operated in the conventional paradigm, it was tough to convince their parents (who wanted them to settle down with comfortable, high-paying employment) that what they had was a sustainable business strategy.

But it was their mother's business and cooking skills that put them at ease. In addition, instead of establishing their manufacturing plant, the team opted to award the contract for ice cream production.

‘Get A Whey’ Brings Idea to Serve Ice-cream Enrich with Protein

Get A Whey Ice cream

According to Jash, individuals dislike taking whey protein in their normal diet because of its flavor, but they wouldn't mind ingesting it with ice cream. "We're concentrating on developing protein-rich ice creams."

So, to fulfill the twin aim of manufacturing healthy and tasty ice creams, the founders chose to source all components locally. "Our milk comes from organic dairy farms all around Maharashtra." We don't use any processed products or sugar. We also used raw whey protein in the ice cream."

In addition to all of this, determining the cold chain logistics required to transport ice cream was and continues to be a challenge.

In addition, the firm claims to employ Erythritol, an organic sweetener, in place of sugar.

‘Get A Whey’ Ice-cream Manufacture Takes Place in a Continuous Freezer

Get A Whey’ Ice-cream Manufacture

The entire ice cream manufacture takes place in a continuous freezer, which produces ice cream without interruption. First, the mixture is combined with all of the components and stabilizers. This blended slurry is then pasteurized and homogenized to ensure equitable dispersion.

The ice cream mixture is then aged overnight to allow the protein to hydrate. This mixture is then frozen in a continuous freezer with a tiny amount of air forced into it to give it a softer texture. This liquid is then placed into Get-A-Whey tubs and stored in a freezer until the finished product is ready.

‘Get A Whey’ is Available in 125 ml and 520 ml Tubs

The ice cream is available in 125 ml and 520 ml tubs, with prices ranging between Rs 125 and Rs 425. The business provides a total of eight flavors, including Belgian Chocolate and Strawberry Banana, two of which Keto Belgian Chocolate and Keto Very Berry have been made available to keto diet devotees.

According to the twins, persons who are diabetic or have borderline blood sugar levels can ingest the salted caramel flavor.

‘Get A Whey’ is Unconcerned About Competition from Larger Competitors

The founders are unconcerned about competition from larger competitors since they have established themselves as a niche brand for fitness enthusiasts.

Furthermore, COVID-19, which interrupted their retail operations, compelled them to reconsider and enhance their digital initiatives.

With retail picking up as the economy opens up during Unlock 2.0, the business is now focusing on developing new flavors and expanding across cities such as Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Delhi in the coming months.

'Get A whey' A Startup that Serves Whey Protein In Ice-cream
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