SpinOK Spyware Infects Over 400 Million Phones, Urgent Caution Issued for All Smartphone Users

SpinOK Spyware: Smartphone usage has reached around 84% globally, attracting scammers' attention towards mobile users.
SpinOK Spyware Infects Over 400 Million Phones
SpinOK Spyware Infects Over 400 Million Phones

At present, smartphones are owned by approximately 84 per cent of the global population. This widespread adoption of mobile devices has caught the attention of scammers, who are increasingly targeting smartphone users.

Kaspersky, a cyber security firm, discovered over 3.5 million attacks on mobile phone users last year. As per findings from the cyber security firm, spam communications encompass a form of malware often containing virus-infected links within the text messages or emails we receive.

The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) has discovered malware capable of accessing your phone's email and camera without your consent, raising concerns about privacy and security. This spyware is known as "SpinOK". This "SpinOK" virus has infected over 100 apps on the Google Play Store.

Through these apps, the users receive rewards first. Following that, the user's phone info is stolen. These applications allow users to send their gadgets for remote support.

Malware called "SpinOK" uses your phone's camera to record audio and video. According to Indian Computer Emergency Response in (CERT-In), "SpinOK" spyware has so far infected 42 crore phones. 

According to Indian Computer Emergency Response in (CERT-In), four out of every ten mobile devices worldwide are susceptible to cyberattacks.

If you too use an Android smartphone, you should use caution due to the recent discovery of new spyware.

SpinOK Spyware Infects Over 400 Million Phones
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Have similar malware viruses ever been discovered before?

An Android malware called "Daam" was recently mentioned in a warning from the National Cyber Security Agency CERT-In, and they advised consumers to exercise caution.

The 'Daam' malware was stealing private information from Android mobile devices, including call logs, contacts, history, and cameras. What is concerning is that this malware was able to infect targeted devices with ransomware while also evading antivirus software.

Image Credit: CERT-In twitter handle

Prior to the emergence of the "Daam" malware, details about the SOVA virus came to light. The SOVA spyware was specifically designed to target individuals' bank accounts, posing a significant threat to their financial security.

How to spot warning signs of a phone virus?

1. Poor phone performance

2. Phone apps are taking longer than normal to open

3. Phone battery drains unexpectedly

4. Increase in mobile data consumption

How to protect your phone from Malware?

1. Use trusted antivirus apps to scan like: Avast, AVG, Bitdefender, McAfee, or Norton.

2. Restart your phone

3. Remove any suspicious or unfamiliar apps from your downloaded apps list.

4. Avoid clicking links in unusual pop-ups, or unusual text messages, social media posts, or emails.

5. Install apps only from authorized App Stores such as: Google Play or Apple's App Store

6. Check app permissions before installing, so that you know how far the app will have access

7. Keep your phone software updated.

SpinOK Spyware Infects Over 400 Million Phones
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