Samsung's Portable Projector 'The Freestyle' That Fits in Your Pocket

Samsung's Portable Projector: The Freestyle is Samsung’s new age projector that is smart, portable, lightweight, simple to set up, and easy to carry.
Samsung's Portable Projector 'The Freestyle' That Fits in Your Pocket
Samsung's Portable Projector-The Freestyle

Have you ever wondered if a big screen projector can be fit in your pocket wherever you go? Now, meet ‘The Freestyle’ Samsung’s portable projector that can easily fit in your bag or even in your pocket. Samsung has just introduced its first-ever projector that allows you to take the big screen wherever you go. The Freestyle is Samsung’s new age projector that is smart, portable, lightweight, simple to set up, and easy to carry. In simple words, it is a complete smart package that all you want from a projector.

We live in a digital world that keeps us revolving around multiple gadgets but we are not completely aware of that. Samsung has just knocked on the door of innovation by introducing one of its most powerful gadgets, ‘The Freestyle’ is one such remarkable invention that allows us to satisfy our entertainment desires at any time and from any location.

Samsung’s Portable Projector- Easy to Use

Samsung’s Portable Projector

This smart device is portable, tiny, and circular, with a cradle stand. Its 180° Dynamic Angle lets you project your favorite entertainment from any angle and on most surfaces. All you have to do is tilt it, find the ideal viewing angle, whether it's transferring your screen from the wall to the ceiling, and there you are - sit there and watch your loved material, play games, or even mirror your phone on the large screen with a few simple clicks. This ingenious, lightweight, compact projector is also extremely portable. It'll be just as light on the pocketbook as well.

The greatest news is that you can get it right now and receive unique launch deals worth Rs 10,900*, which includes a travel case!

This is combined with some lovely features such as Auto Keystone and Auto Levelling, which will pleasantly surprise you with a quick setup. The Freestyle needs to straighten itself like magic with Auto Keystone. It simply automatically corrects skewed images for a straight, rectangular screen every time you optimize your screen without adjusting the device, so you don't have to move an inch or reposition yourself for comfortable viewing.

You only need to turn it on. Meanwhile, Smart Calibration improves your ability to perceive genuine colors by improving image projections on any colored surface. After all, not everyone is constantly surrounded by white walls. However, this should not deter today's generation from satisfying their desire for amusement.

As a result, Samsung has added Smart Calibration to The Freestyle to optimize the projection based on the color of the wall. It improves your viewing experience regardless of the color of your walls.

Samsung's Portable Projector 'The Freestyle' That Fits in Your Pocket
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Samsung’s Portable Projector- Unlimited Consumption is Ensured

Samsung’s Portable Projector

The main joy of utilizing this portable projector is experiencing each moment in magnificent FHD picture quality, which is extremely close to today's smart TVs! The device can project displays ranging from 76cm (30") to an astonishing 2m 54cm (100"), allowing you to create your home cinema with screens as large as 2m 54cm (100") anywhere and at any time!

Furthermore, it offers a smart TV experience with each moment in 1080p full HD resolution and vibrant colors. So, if you watch your favorite content with authorized OTT applications on this Tizen-powered smart projector, you are in for a big-screen immersive experience like no before. In terms of clarity, the Auto Focus and Auto Leveling capabilities improve the viewing experience even further, with the former focusing on sharp, clear pictures in seconds and the latter ensuring your screen stays level on any surface—including rough camping sites, soft mattresses, and everything in between!

Samsung’s Portable Projector- Immersive Experience Like TV

Samsung’s Portable Projector

The omnidirectional speaker included inside the portable projector adds to The Freestyle's TV-like immersion experience. It is not only strong, but it also provides a rich 360-degree sound for an unrivaled immersive audio experience! Combine the three: a large screen, FHD visual quality, and excellent, strong 360-degree sound with a woofer-type speaker! What you're in for with this lethal mix is an incredible and chaotic time with your buddies while watching the next cricket or soccer event or your favorite movie.

All you have to do is discover the sweet spot for your screen by moving it slightly while sitting where you are. Simply reduce the size of The Freestyle by up to 50%, move in all 4 directions, and stop when you reach the optimum position. The next phase is to use your voice to operate The Freestyle without having to move. Simply talk into the Multiple Voice Assistants, and the built-in Samsung Bixby and Amazon Alexa will bring up whatever you want to watch!

Samsung’s Portable Projector- High on Versatility

Samsung’s Portable Projector

The Freestyle is capable of more than just content viewing and projection. With the Lens Cap, you may take it on walks, treks, excursions, and even get-togethers to amp up the party mood with numerous backdrop scenes by theme or ambient lighting effect. Even while you're at home, if you want some ambient lighting, you may utilize the Ambient Mode to make your room into whatever you want it to be.

Choose between lighting, a prism, a scene, or one of your images to project—the choices are unlimited! Also, don't be concerned about the battery depleting. The USB-C cable provided for portable use, as light as it is to use, maybe simply attached to any external battery pack, and presto!

Samsung's Portable Projector 'The Freestyle' That Fits in Your Pocket
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