Research Reveals: Less Use of Social Media will Definitely Increase Students’ 10 Marks

Research conducted at a university in Australia has found that by spending less time on social media, students can increase their marks. It was found that the percentage of students who use social media for three hours a day declined by 10 percent.
Research Reveals: Less Use of Social Media will Definitely Increase Students’ 10 Marks

New Delhi: If your children come to school or college with less marks then this news is for you. According to a research, if the children whose marks are less than the average, if they reduce the use of social media, then their number can increase up to 10 percent. Researchers have found that spending less time on Facebook is more beneficial for students.

The research was conducted at a University in Australia, in which more than 500 students were involved. The average age of the students who were included in it is 19 years. Research found that students whose grades were good did not make any difference on marks using social media, but students whose numbers were less, spending more time on social media was seen to affect the marks.

No impact on high school students

In this research conducted at Australia's University of Technology Sydney, it was confirmed that if students with low numbers use social media more then their chances of getting more numbers increase. On average, students used social media for 2 hours every day during this research. However, there were some students who used social media for more than eight hours a day.

According to research finding, the number of students who used to use social media for three hours every day was seen as 10%. In such a situation, it is clear that the students whose numbers are low can easily increase their marks by 10% by reducing the use of social media.

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