Password Hack: Know the Ways to Check If Your Password is Secured

Password Check: Do you also think that your social media account password has been hacked? You can check whether your password is safe or not.
Password Hack: Know the Ways to Check If Your Password is Secured

There have been reports of social media accounts being hacked around the world for the past few days, while many leaked reports have surfaced following the Facebook data leak. Various reports have revealed the data leakage of users data. In which a user's username and password have been leaked. Since then many reports have also come in which these users have been told to sell their personal data on the Internet. Since everything is going online in this age of the internet, it is very important to keep your password secure.

It is very likely in these data leaks that your social media account details are also stolen. But you do not have to worry because we have come up with a way for you to help you check whether your password was hacked or not. You can also add this feature as an extension in your Google Chrome.

To use this feature you must have the latest version of Google Chrome browser. You must also have a working Internet connection. Let's tell you how you can check your password.

  1. Open Google Chrome on your very own PC or Mac.
  2. Now after that you open Google Chrome store and search for password checkup.
  3. Click on Add to Chrome to install it.
  4. Password checkup tool works automatically. This means that it monitors your password when registering your account or service. If your password is leaked, then you will see the warning on the extension. In Chrome, you will see a red color warning popup in which you will be asked to change the password. The icon will not be green until you passwords the password.

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