OnePlus Concept One Smartphone Introducing to India, ‘BUT’ You can’t Buy it

The concept smartphone of OnePlus is coming to India, but you cannot buy it. It has recently been introduced during the CES.
OnePlus Concept One Smartphone Introducing to India, ‘BUT’ You can’t Buy it

OnePlus has recently introduced its concept smartphone – Concept One during the computer electronic show. However, its sale has not started nor has its price been announced.

OnePlus Concept One smartphone is inspired by McLaren and for this, the company has also used the technology offered in McLaren. Like McLaren's sunroof, this smartphone's rear camera module is also hidden. That is, if the camera is not in use, it will not be visible.

The Vanishing camera setup has been given in OnePlus Concept One. The back panel of the phone is also inspired by McLaren's seat. However, now this smartphone is being brought to India. India is a big market for OnePlus. The company does not want to disappoint the fans here.

From February 8 to February 14, the OnePlus Concept One smartphone will be showcased at the OnePlus Experience store in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore. However, you will not be able to buy it. Fans of One Plus will be able to see it in the product briefing session.

On February 8, the company is conducting a four-hour briefing session for select people. Registration has to be done for this. In this session, OnePlus fans can directly ask questions about this device with the company's team.

When the company will launch OnePlus Concept One smartphone, it is not clear at the moment. Let us tell you that OnePlus concept was working on smartphones for a long time. Now it has been introduced, but now people want to know its value.

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