Netflix Prohibits Password Sharing in India And Advises Users To Limit Account Use To Family Members Only

Netflix has put an end to password sharing in India, now only allowing usage within your own household. Continue reading for more details on this change.
Netflix has prohibited password sharing in India.
Netflix has prohibited password sharing in India.

Netflix is taking new steps to curb the widespread practice of account sharing among customers. The famous streaming platform announced in an email to its users that user accounts are only intended for the account holder and members of their household. 

If someone outside of the home gains access to the account, Netflix advises users to transfer their profile to a new account, which would necessitate a separate payment, and to change their password.

For many years, it was normal for one individual to pay for a Netflix subscription while allowing multiple people to utilise the account. This strategy has become popular among Indian consumers since Netflix's arrival in the country.

Netflix, on the other hand, is now taking steps to limit this practice in order to enforce its terms and conditions.

One person to pay for a Netflix membership while allowing multiple users to use the account
One person to pay for a Netflix membership while allowing multiple users to use the account

Setting Up a Netflix Household and Managing Netflix Account Security

Netflix accounts are purely for personal usage within the account holder's household, according to the email issued to customers. It is recommended that users take action if someone other than the household has access to the account. 

The first step is to review the security and privacy settings on the account. Users can monitor and manage the devices and individuals logged into their account by selecting the "Manage access and devices" option.

If unauthorised users are detected, it is critical to sign out devices that should not have access and then update the account password.

Furthermore, if someone other than the household uses the Netflix account, the profile connected with that person should be transferred to a new account. 

This would necessitate the creation of a separate account as well as payment for its use. Users are urged to follow a specified approach while setting up a Netflix household.

They must first login into Netflix via a TV connected to their home internet. 

Users can enter the menu from the Netflix homepage on the TV and pick "Get Help" and then "Manage Netflix Household." They should next select the option to confirm or amend their Netflix household. A verification link will be given to the account holder's registered email address or phone number through email or text message.

Netflix has prohibited password sharing in India.
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Secure Account Management and Household Restriction

Users must confirm that it was them by clicking on the verification link before proceeding to confirm or edit their Netflix household. This procedure guarantees that the account is linked to the principal TV in the family and that additional devices sharing the same internet connection are considered part of the Netflix household.

By introducing these steps, Netflix hopes to enforce its terms of service and limit account sharing to individuals living in the same home. While some users may be accustomed to sharing accounts, it is critical to follow Netflix's standards and consider the impact on the streaming platform and its content creators.

Overall, Netflix customers should be diligent in controlling their account's security and follow the platform's recommendations. Identifying and removing unauthorised users, creating a Netflix household, and following the prescribed processes will help users assure compliance and enjoy a secure and personalised streaming experience.

Netflix has prohibited password sharing in India.
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