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In digital technology, iShivax believes had turned new business opportunities into progressive value.


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In the search for bringing more meaningful and inspiring stories from around the globe, this time iShivax TM introduce Mr. Shiv Kumar Deegwal. He is the founder of one of the best software design & development companies in India and the USA named iShivax LLC. In digital technology, iShivax believes had turned new business opportunities into progressive value.

Shiv K. Deegwal was born on August 17, 1989, in Jaipur. He was the second child in his family. He lived with his father, mother, sister, and grandfather. Shiv’s father passed away when he was 2.5 years old and after this, his mother and grandfather raised him. He completed his schooling and college from Jaipur. He had a keen interest in computers from his childhood, so he did Bachelor in Computer (BCA) Applications and developed his interest in computers knowledge.

At the age of 12, Shiv K. Deegwal started transforming the operating systems of Microsoft. Shiv was learning about hardware when he was in school in 2006, and sometimes he also used to bunk the school to learn and repair computer hardware. Shiv had worked at various places includes fixing BSNL internet services as a part-time, and gym. These works helped him learn about building and reforming any product into a smart product that can be commanded from anywhere through the internet. Sleep helped him with the ideas. Shiv used to make up his mind before sleeping and that the next day he will make something new and then nature helped him and he used to wake up with new ideas and technology.

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Owner of iShivax, Shiv Deegwal

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Ups and downs in career

Shiva’s career was bad and good at times. He started his career with Cybernetics Pvt ltd in the year 2014 which is closed right now due to some reasons, he had also worked in a BPO. Then he started Applet Cybernetics LP in the USA in the year 2016, then iShivax LLC in the year 2019 in the USA, and iShivax™️ in India also. Right now, iShivax is working on a smart car project that can convert any car into a smart car. The name of this company is W3 drive Pvt Ltd, which will launch in the market soon. Shiv K. Deegwal also worked for Rajasthan government project named RHB Green (Rajasthan Housing Board), with the aim of increasing tree plantation in Rajasthan.

Shiva says that if newcomers want to be an entrepreneur, then come out of your school and college syllabuses, explore the internet because education is free nowadays. Success does not come overnight, and do not go for money initially, go for value creation and creating something durable.

iShivax has started many companies, their names are:

  • Geek Cybernetics Pvt Ltd

  • Applet cybernetics LP

  • Regeno

  • iShivax™️ in india

  • iShivax LLC in USA

  • W3drive PvtLtd(in process)

About iShivax

iShivax is a digital agency in India and USA. iShivax provides a creative digital solution to bring your products and services to a wide-ranging public. With iShivax branding and user-centered design, customers are engaged and brand awareness grows. iShivax is passionate about business insight and innovative technology, creative ideas & beautiful designs.

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iShivax was established in 2019, it offers world-class consulting, information technology services, and offshore outsourcing services to clients in more than 25 geographic locations across the world. End-to-end solutions are provided to the client’s business needs by combining business domain experience, technical expertise, top-grade knowledge of industry trends, and the best methodology this is achieved with the help of a sound team of over 50+ skilled professionals who utilize their expertise and experience in helping the business reach new heights.

iShivax goal is to maximize the return on your online spending. The company is recognized as a leader in the field and has built dozens of eCommerce sites. iShivax’s team has extensive practical experience in distance shopping, both on and off-line, which enables the company to provide its clients with excellent levels of insight and service.

‘Lifecode’ project of iShivax

Right now, iShivax is working on a project ‘Lifecode Simplifies Emergency’. Under this project, they will cover the services of cars, bikes, and buses, along with this they will also provide ‘The Fastest scanner App’

Life code will provide access to call ambulances and also provides details of the nearby hospitals in seconds. This app doesn’t disclose the name; it only provides the surname, this way they provide security to female users. If any of the female customers receive unnecessary calls or messages, then she can disable the call and messages option.

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