Hurry Up!! Buy iPhone 7 for Rs. 25000, Know More

The Apple iPhone 7 was launched three years ago, but is there anything in this smartphone that still makes it worth buying? Its price has been slashed.
Hurry Up!! Buy iPhone 7 for Rs. 25000, Know More

Cheap iPhones have always been popular in India. In the last few years, sales of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 series have been plenty. Now the latest generation iPhone ie iPhone 11 series has come on the market. At present, the base variant of the iPhone 7 is being available at a price of Rs 26,999, but there are more offers on it.

Under the SBI Debit Credit Card offer on E-commerce website Flipkart, you can get iPhone 7 for around 25000 rupees or less.

Now the question is, will the iPhone 7 launched in 2016 still be good for you? We'll tell you some points that will help you decide whether to buy iPhone 7 at this price.

The iPhone 7 series was launched by the company in September 2016. This smartphone has Apple A10 Fusion chipset. Apart from this, the memory of this variant is 32GB, but you obviously cannot put a memory card in it. iOS 7 has been updated to iPhone 7.

 Why to Buy?

— The first point will obviously be what your budget is. If the budget is up to 25000 rupees then you can start from the second point.

— If you are an Android user and the budget is low, but you have to use iOS then you can start with iPhone 7. You can also start by getting into Apple's ecosystem.

— Prefer privacy, want to save data and don't want to sacrifice your user ID and password without needless data leak scandal. IOS is safer than Android and is also a bit private.

— Android user and to use iOS as a secondary smartphone, you can still buy iPhone 7.

— Easy to use, looking for a smartphone with simple and stable performance and you can buy this smartphone if your budget is around it.

— Record videos more or if you are starting the work of content creation, then you can start with this smartphone. Because with this you can do good videography.

— Apple's support system is much better around the world including India (where these smartphones are found). That's why there are many people who buy Apple products because of the company's service.

Why not to Buy

— If you want a great display, then this smartphone is not for you. It does not use OLED, but the LCD panel. In this segment, you will get smartphones with OLED panels.

— Even if you want to do good photography, you should not buy this smartphone. It has a singer rear camera which clicks the decent photo. But there are many smartphones in this segment, which can do good photography with it.

— Even if you need a performance-based smartphone or phone for gaming, the iPhone 7 will not work for you.

— Even if you want a phone with a different design, full display, less bezel and a better selfie camera, this is not for you.

— Fast charging, long battery life, dual SIM and need to install extra memory, even then you should not buy this smartphone.

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