Google Nest Mini Launched in India with Speaker Calling Feature

Google Nest Mini has launched in India. From software to hardware, it has been upgraded and this time some new features have also been given.
Google Nest Mini Launched in India with Speaker Calling Feature

Google has launched Nest Mini in India. This is actually a new version of Google Home Mini. Since the company now launches Google Home products under Nest, it has now become Google Nest Mini.

Google Nest Mini is priced at Rs 4499 in India. It will be sold in two color variants – Charcoal and Chalk color versions. It can be purchased from the e-commerce website Flipkart. As an offer, if you buy it with HDFC card then an instant discount of 10% will be given.

Speaker to Speaker Calling

Calling can also be done on Google Home and Nest speakers through the feature of Google Duo. You can make calls from one speaker to another through the app. Intercom feature has also been given for this. To use this feature, the user must have a Google Duo account and a Google Home or Nest smart speaker or display.

Google Nest Mini Smart Speaker has two times base than Google Home Mini. The company has claimed that the audio quality has also been greatly improved. You will notice changes in design as well. It can also be connected with different Mini speakers.

Now you can hang Nest Mini on the wall. For this, a mount has been given behind it. Volume buttons are provided on the side of this smart speaker. In this, the company has installed a chip equipped with machine learning, due to which the company claims that its response will be fast. For physical control, it has a haptic touch.

Like other Google's smart speakers, Google Assistant has also been given in it. Under this, by giving commands, you can listen to songs, order food, listen to news, get information about Vader and connect many smart home devices.

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