Google For India: Changes Implemented in Google Search for India

During the Google For India event, many services have been announced by Google keeping India in mind.
Google For India: Changes Implemented in Google Search for India

During Google For India, the company has announced several services for India. Hindi has been the main focus and the company has said that people are searching Google in Hindi.

During this event, the company has also talked about the internet partner. Internet Saathi is a program of Google under which Internet connectivity is provided in rural areas.

Google has also talked about Artificial Intelligence at Google For India event. Google has announced to open AI Lab in Bengaluru. The work of forecasting Flood through AI is being done in Patna.

People are now searching 10X more in Hindi. Search results are being changed in India. The search result for Indic Language will appear in a new way. It will be more personalized than before and now it will be better than before.

New Format in Discover Tab

The contents of each language will now appear in the Discover Tab. The Discover tab can be customized. Here different categories are given, which you can select and see the news of your interest and other stories.

The Discover tab is available in Google Search, Google Go and Chrome.

New Features Added to Google Lens

Through Google lens, you can translate real time by looking at the content written on a board. Translation can be heard live here. It will be available in three Indian languages. Through Google Lens, you can scan other language sign boards and translate them into your language.

The company started this feature a month ago. Now it is being introduced and now you can also use it.

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