Big Scam on Paytm KYC, Company Founder Suggested Tips

A big scam is going on with Paytm KYC. Paytm users get the message that if KYC is not done then the money will go on hold.
Big Scam on Paytm KYC, Company Founder Suggested Tips

If you use Paytm, then you need to be more careful now. Paytm founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma has tweeted a tweet. He has written in the tweet that do not trust any such message that asks to block the Paytm account. Fraud is going on the account and in this way people are being fooled.

Regarding Paytm KYC, earlier we have told you how the frauds are making a dent in Paytm account in the name of KYC. Fraud calls also come for Paytm KYC and you are asked for the details of the card.

Paytm has said that scam messages related to KYC are being spread on a large scale. The company does not send any such message to its user, in which it has been said to download some kind of KYC app.

According to Paytm, KYC can only be done on authorized KYC points. Apart from this, the other option is that staff will come to your home from Paytm and through these you can get KYC.

Different types of fraud messages are made about Paytm KYC. It says that if you did not have KYC, you will not be able to use Paytm account. Not only this, it is also written in many fraud messages that till the KYC is done, some money from your Paytm account will be on hold

After opening Paytm app, users are being given a pop up message where such fraud is being told.

It is easy to identify such fraudulent mages. But you don't need it either. Because Paytm has made it clear that the company does not do such messages, then you should ignore every kind of message associated with Paytm KYC. Even if you get a call with Paytm KYC, you should be careful and complain to the company. Do not forget to inform your ATM card or Paytm account information to any fraud call.

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