1.2 Billion Users’ Data Leaked Online, FB and Twitter users also Affected

Data of about 1.2 billion users of other platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn have been leaked online. Researcher has said that this data was kept on a server which is not secure.
1.2 Billion Users’ Data Leaked Online, FB and Twitter users also Affected

The news of a big data leak is coming once again. This data leak includes profiles of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Cyber ​​security researcher Vinny Troia has revealed this. They have said that the server on which this data was kept was not secure.

It is being claimed that the total is personal data of 4TB. It has 1.2 billion personal details. However, a relief is that this data does not contain sensitive information – such as passwords, credit card numbers. But here include the details of the profiles and the phone number which can be used for hacking.

According to the report, it has profiles of crores of users, including names, phone numbers and social media profiles associated with them. These social media profiles include Facebook, Twitter and Linked-in Cellar to GitHub.

Despite not having password and sensitive details, this data leak is a danger bell for a common user, because it can play an important role in hackers who collect basic information to target users.

According to Vinny Troia, this data includes about 50 million phone numbers and 662 million unique email addresses. This cyber security researcher named Vinny Troia has said, 'Everything is so easily available to anyone, it is very bad. This is the first time I have seen that such a large amount of data is kept in a single database. If seen from the eyes of the attacker, it is for hijacking the account of the users, because it contains the name, phone number and the URL associated with it.

Although it is not clear who kept this data here, but the report says that when the IP of the server was traced, it turned out to be Google Cloud Service. Not only this, Troia has also said that he has no idea about when and how many people have downloaded this data.

What will happen to you?
At the moment, it is not clear how many users of India are in 1.2 billion users. But it is expected that users of India will also be affected in this data leak. You will not see its effect suddenly. Because by filtering this data, hackers will start targeting users for their benefit. The data researcher says that they cannot find out how many people have downloaded this data, so it is difficult to say that this data may have gone into a wrong hand.

The data that Troia received was stored on the server with different labels. The server discovered by Troia belongs to People Data Labs, a company based in San Francisco. The founder of this company says that the company does not have the server from where the data was leaked. That is, someone was using it.

This data belongs to four different servers that were kept together. According to a report by Wired, founder of People Data Leak, Sean Thorne has said that the owner of this server has used one of our products which is an Enrichment product. Apart from this, different Enrichment and Licensing Services have also been used.

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