NIA to Probe Ram Navami Violence in West Bengal Following Calcutta High Court Order

Ram Navami Violence in West Bengal: The Calcutta High Court ordered an NIA inquiry into last month's violence in West Bengal’s Howrah's Shibpur during Ram Navami celebrations.
Ram Navami clashes
Ram Navami clashes Image Credit: PTI

Ram Navami Violence in West Bengal: Clashes and firebombings were reported from towns in the industrial belts of Hooghly and Howrah districts during Ram Navami processions. 

As events unfolded, Bengal's Governor, Dr. CV Ananda Bose, rushed from Darjeeling to inspect violence-stricken districts.

A division bench presided over by Acting Chief Justice TS Sivagnanam asked Bengal Police to give overall required investigation materials to the NIA within two weeks after hearing a petition filed by Leader of the Opposition Suvendu Adhikari.

The decision was given in response to Suvendu Adhikari of the BJP's plea for a thorough probe into the sudden violence that occurred between Hindu and Muslim groups during Ram Navami celebrations.

Ram Navami clashes
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Ram Navami Violence in West Bengal: Several vehicles were set on fire

The act of directing the State Police to use the Explosive Substances Act against those using acid containers and petrol explosives is, in our view, ineffective.

The situation has progressed beyond that point. Let the NIA investigate right away, said the Bar and Bench, citing the court judgement.

Several vehicles were set on fire, stones were thrown, and shops were plundered during Ram Navami celebrations in Howrah's Shibpur last month as fights between two factions erupted. 

Clashes were also reported in the Hoogly and Dalkhola districts.

Ram Navami Violence in West Bengal: Several vehicles were set on fire
Ram Navami Violence in West Bengal: Several vehicles were set on fire

The Trinamool Congress and the BJP both published recordings accusing each other of the violence as evidence.

Adhikari sought an NIA investigation into the alleged bombings during the rioting in his PIL.

The court ordered the state police to turn over all relevant information and CCTV footage to the central government within two weeks. Following that, the Centre was asked to transfer the documents to the NIA.

Mamta Banerjee condemned the statement

Mamata Banerjee, the chief minister of West Bengal, condemned the incident and accused the opposition BJP of "hiring goons from outside" and organizing communal riots in the state.

Previously, Mamata Banerjee blamed Ram Navami's violence in the state on the BJP and other right-wing outfits.

According to a statement made by someone, the BJP, along with organizations like Bajrang Dal, were responsible for the armed violence. Similar incidents occurred not only in West Bengal but also in Vadodara, Gujarat.

Ram Navami clashes
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