UP Elections 2022: Parties keeping Eye in Dalit Voters

The electoral struggle in western Uttar Pradesh is heating up right now. All of the parties have gone all-out. Dalit votes are being courted by both the alliance and the BJP.
UP Elections 2022

UP Elections 2022

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The electoral struggle in western Uttar Pradesh is heating up right now. All of the parties have gone all-out. While the issue is to maintain the party's prior record in the face of the BJP, the opposition's desperation to shift power is palpable. This is why the SP-RLD partnership has gone all-in during the election season. Akhilesh and Jayant have placed a strong emphasis on western UP, which has been churned by BJP leaders ranging from Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to Home Minister Amit Shah. Dalit votes are being courted by both the alliance and the BJP. Both can be effective in this to varying degrees. Because the continual churning of the impoverished class's think tank is likewise headed in this way.

Graph dropped after 2012

In the 2012 elections, the BSP's graph fell and with a vote share of 25.95%, the BSP was reduced to 80 seats. The vote share of the BSP in the 2017 elections remained only 22.24%. As a result, the BSP was reduced to 19 seats. Despite this, Mayawati is not only firmly entering the electoral battle based on Dalit voters but is again claiming to change the election results based on social engineering.

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UP Elections 2022

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Dalit voters understand their power

Dalit voters are acutely aware of their power. Based on this power, he has propelled BSP to the pinnacle of power. For the first time, the BSP entered the electoral battle in 1993. It received 11.12% of the vote in this election. The BSP had secured 67 seats. In the 1996 elections, the vote share grew to 19.64%. In 2002, the vote share was 23.06%, and the party gained 98 seats. Amazing things happened in 2007, when the BSP received 30.43% of the vote and won power with an absolute majority of 206 seats. However, BSP supremo Mayawati's social engineering skills were outstanding in this regard.

Influence of Dalits here

In the first phase, there are elections in Agra. There is a total of 9 assembly seats here. In the last election, the BJP had won all the seats here. There was a huge wave of BJP here. It is being told that in the last election itself, Dalits had shown their inclination towards BJP. BJP is making every effort to maintain that trend. However, the BSP knows this very well. This is the reason that Mayawati started her election season from Agra this time. Districts like Saharanpur, Bulandshahr, Ghaziabad, Meerut, Muzaffarnagar also have a significant number of Dalit voters.

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Parties are engaged in cultivating the Dalits

Although there are scheduled caste communities in western UP such as Jatav, Khatik, Bhuiyar, Pasi, and Valmiki, more over half of these voters are Jatavs. The BJP has taken over the Valmiki and Bhuyar fraternities. In such a case, the goal this time is Jatav. Although the majority of Dalits are still with the BSP, their numbers among those who can vote for the BJP and the alliance are not insignificant. Both of them have worked hard to nurture them. Rajesh, a resident of Zahidpur, claims that Dalits have consistently voted for the same party in recent elections.

Too many Dalits are sticking to their guns at the moment, but there is a segment that is contemplating alternatives. Things have changed. Things like safety and respect are taking place. Dalits do not need to be bound by any party in such a circumstance. Dalit voters are aware, according to Pramod Kumar, a Thana Bhavan inhabitant. He is now in the mood to vote, but only after thoroughly researching the topics. Many young voters recognise this. According to the young, there is no compelling reason for them to be involved with any one political party at this moment.

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