High Onion Prices Started Political Unrest in Rajasthan

Political Unrest in Rajasthan: Congress and its blame games for the BJP are unmatched as they blame the central government for the rising onion prices.
High Onion Prices Started Political Unrest in Rajasthan
High Onion Prices Started Political Unrest in RajasthanImage Credit: Rahul Raut/HT File Photo

Political Unrest in Rajasthan: The surge in onion prices has become a political issue in Rajasthan with both the BJP and Congress playing the blame game.

Alka Gurjar, BJP national secretary on Monday alleged that the increase in the state was due to wrong policies and mismanagement of Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot.

The situation has been so bad that back then when onion was one of the staple foods on the plate of poor man is now out of reach even to the common man.

Alka Gurjar said the onion prices have touched Rs 80 per kg as the Rajasthan government did not purchase them on time and also did not have any discussion on their storage.

She said that usually after the monsoon season there is a shortage of onions in the state for one to two months.

Even after knowing this, the Gehlot government did not make any solid plan in advance to overcome this shortage.

In response to BJP charges, the Congress government on Monday blamed the Centre government and PM Modi government for soaring prices of the onion.

PCC general secretary and spokesman Swarnim Chaturvedi said the prices of onions in Delhi have come to Rs 100, and in other cities like Uttar Pradesh, Noida Ghaziabad it is over Rs 70 per kg.

In other states like Meghalaya and Kerala, onion prices have touched down to Rs 60.

Swarnim Chaturvedi said due to no guidance from the central government, the region under onion cultivation decreased by more than 10 percent in 2022-2023, hitting its production.

With this delay in monsoon rains the onions have hit the market late for sale.

BJP is Playing Dirty Politics: Swarnim Chaturvedi

Onion costs are rising in all the states like Madhya Pradesh, but the BJP leaders are playing dirty politics by accusing the Congress government in Rajasthan of the increasing onion prices, Swarnim Chaturvedi said.

He furthermore added that the entire nation knows that due to the bad economic policies of the Centre, the country is weighed down with unemployment and inflation, but BJP leaders are making baseless allegations against the Rajasthan state government by issuing statements in the media.

By: Manika Sharma

High Onion Prices Started Political Unrest in Rajasthan
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