Maharashtra: 32-Year-Old Muslim Man Involved in Beef Smuggling Killed by Mob

On the Sinnar Ghoti Highway, two individuals purportedly transporting beef from Nashik to Mumbai were intercepted and assaulted by a group of 10-15 unknown people.
One of those who was thrashed died while being treated in a hospital.
One of those who was thrashed died while being treated in a hospital. Image Credit: India Today

On Saturday night in the Nashik district of Maharashtra, a tragic incident unfolded as a man was reportedly beaten to death by a group of individuals who identified themselves as cow vigilantes. 

The victim, identified as Afan Ansari, a 32-year-old resident of Mumbai's Kurla area, was accompanied by his associate Nasir Sheikh. The pair were allegedly transporting meat in a car when they were intercepted and assaulted by the cow vigilantes.

Following the brutal attack, both victims were immediately rushed to a nearby hospital for medical treatment. Tragically, despite efforts to save his life, Ansari succumbed to his injuries and passed away. 

Cow Vigilante Attack
Cow Vigilante AttackImage Credit: Southasia

Swift Police Response and Ongoing Investigation into Cow Vigilante Attack

The local police, who were alerted to the incident, arrived at the scene to find the damaged car and the injured men inside. Sub-Inspector Sunil Bhamre confirmed that the authorities admitted the victims to the hospital, where one of them tragically lost his life.

In response to this horrifying incident, law enforcement swiftly took action by apprehending ten individuals believed to be involved in the assault. These suspects are currently being interrogated as part of the ongoing investigation. 

Additionally, based on the complaint filed by the injured person, the police have registered a case of murder and rioting. The authorities are diligently probing the matter to gather all necessary evidence and establish the truth behind the incident.

As the investigation continues, it remains unclear whether the victims were indeed transporting beef as alleged by the cow vigilantes. The truth regarding the nature of the meat being transported will be determined only after the laboratory report is obtained.

One of those who was thrashed died while being treated in a hospital.
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Tragic Cow Vigilante Attack in Nashik Highlights Contentious Cow Protection Issue

It is essential to note that the Maharashtra government had previously passed a law banning the slaughter of cows, which was upheld by the Bombay High Court eight years ago. 

The court ruled that competent authorities have the power to inspect, halt, and search any vehicle suspected of transporting cows, bulls, or bullocks for the purpose of slaughter, and seize such animals. The court further affirmed the prohibition on the transportation of animal flesh intended for slaughter.

The incident in Nashik is a tragic reminder of the tensions and violence that can arise from such contentious issues as cow protection. It underscores the need for a balanced approach to addressing concerns related to animal welfare and religious sentiments while ensuring the safety and security of all individuals involved. 

As the investigation progresses, it is hoped that justice will be served, and steps can be taken to prevent such tragic incidents in the future.

One of those who was thrashed died while being treated in a hospital.
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