PM Modi's Life-Size Cutout: Srinagar's New Icon

A massive life-size cutout of PM Modi has been put in Srinagar's Lal Chowk which has drawn unimaginable media attention from tourists and residents of Kashmir. People are seen taking pictures with the cut-out.
PM Modi's Life-Size Cutout: Srinagar's New Icon
PM Modi's Life-Size Cutout: Srinagar's New IconImage Credit: ANI

A gigantic life-size cutout of Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Ghanta Ghar in Lal Chowk has become the talk of town. The massive tourist and media attention it is getting is immaculate. 

The life-size cutout is now an added attraction for tourists and locals. People out there are spotted taking pictures and selfies with the cutout. It is safe to say that PM Modi holds a safe place in the hearts of many Indians.

PM Modi's Life-Size Cutout: Srinagar's New Icon
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PM Modi has given his all heart to develop Kashmir

A tourist from Karnataka, Dinesh, said there has been considerable development in Kashmir since his last visit. He furthermore said that the valley has changed a lot since PM Modi came into power and this is just the beginning because the election of 2024 is all about PM Modi returning back to power.

Dinesh said, "This is my second time coming to the beautiful valley of Kashmir. I feel glad to see the cut-out of the prime minister. There is a lot of growth also happening here, which was not in the earlier times. Now, I am noticing a lot of development in tunnels, roads, etc. It feels good seeing all this,".

Unmatched enthusiasm of PM Modi's ally

A resident from Kargil named Mohammad Taqi said, "I came here to visit Srinagar and when I saw the cutout of Prime Minister Modi, we clicked a picture with it because we felt very happy."

Neil Shah from Mumbai said, "We visited all the places in Kashmir but this statue point is fascinating. We are noticing it for the first time in Srinagar. We felt truly good that the cut-out of the Prime Minister of India has been put in here,".

A resident from Bengaluru named Chetan said, "We came to Kashmir to visit Lal Chowk and we were more than happy to see the cut-out of Modi Ji. The surroundings are very good. We liked it so much."

Modi's allies are enthusiastic about the massive life-size cutout and the enthusiasm is right as the cut-out serves as a medium for tourists to express their admiration for the prime minister.

PM Modi's Life-Size Cutout: Srinagar's New Icon
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