Haryana: Bulldozer Action in Nuh Following Conflicts, 'Unlawful' Shanty Houses Demolished

Nuh Violence: Over 200 unauthorised shanty dwellings, which housed migrants, were bulldozed near Nuh in Haryana, the location of sectarian riots that killed six people. The Haryana Urban Development Authority began the eviction process.
A house in Khargone being demolished.
A house in Khargone being demolished.

Nuh Violence: Following the sectarian violence that shook Haryana's Nuh district, killing six persons, the state administration has taken steps to address the issue of illegal colonies. 

The Haryana Urban Development Authority initiated a 'bulldozer action' in Tauru town on Friday, targeting more than 200 illegal immigrant shanties.

The "Remove Encroachments" campaign was launched under the command of Ajit Balaji Joshi, Chief Administrator of Haryana Urban Development Authority, and teams from the Rapid Action Force and the Women Police Force carried out the nearly four-hour operation.

The main goal was to demolish the illegal shanties and restore order to the neighbourhood.

Tensions and Unrest Escalate in Haryana

A house in Khargone being demolished
A house in Khargone being demolished

The administration made the decision to take such measures after receiving information about Bangladeshi migrants living illegally in the area. Furthermore, reports of their involvement in different illegal operations heightened tensions in the region.

Some women in the vicinity sought to protest the encroachment drive during the 'bulldozer action,' but were prevented from doing so by the presence of security forces. 

The operation was overseen by Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) Sanjeev Kumar, who was on the scene to ensure that everything went smoothly and quietly.

Meanwhile, unrest flared in Panipat, when an unidentified man vandalised a shop near the home of one of the people killed in the Nuh tragedy.

On Thursday evening, the shop, that sold chicken, was targeted, and two nearby vehicles were also destroyed. The police stationed people in the vicinity to prevent further violence.

On July 31, communal skirmishes erupted in Nuh in response to an effort to halt a Vishva Hindu Parishad parade. 

Over the next several days, the situation deteriorated and expanded to Gurugram, claiming the lives of six people, including two home guards and a cleric.

A house in Khargone being demolished.
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Bulldozer Activity: Response to Illegal Settlements

The 'bulldozer activity' is viewed as the state administration's response to illegal settlements and the maintenance of peace and order following the violent occurrences. 

It has, however, raised concerns about the well-being of the affected immigrant community, as well as the necessity for a more comprehensive approach to dealing with such problems in the future. 

While the situation is being monitored, authorities are working to restore peace and tranquilly in the region.

A house in Khargone being demolished.
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