Deadly Clashes Erupt in Gujarat's Junagadh Over 'Illegal' Dargah Construction: One Dead, Multiple Injuries Reported

Junagarh Violence: A disturbing incident unfolded in Gujarat's Junagadh as miscreants resorted to pelting stones at police officers and setting vehicles ablaze. Regrettably, three officers sustained injuries during the altercation. Tragically, one person lost his life in the clash.
Deadly Clashes Erupt in Gujarat's Junagadh Over 'Illegal' Dargah Consruction
Deadly Clashes Erupt in Gujarat's Junagadh Over 'Illegal' Dargah Consruction

Junagarh Violence: A series of violent clashes erupted in Gujarat's Junagadh district as a team of civic body officials served a demolition notice to an illegal dargah.

The situation quickly escalated, turning into a high-drama scenario as a crowd of approximately 200-300 individuals gathered around the Dargah on Friday (June 16) evening.

Amid the mounting tension, the enraged crowd resorted to pelting stones at the police officials present at the scene. The situation further deteriorated when the mob vandalized a nearby police post and set several police vehicles ablaze.

In response to the mob pelting stones at the police, law enforcement officials resorted to employing tear gas shells to disperse the frenzied crowd.

In the violent incident, three policemen, including the Deputy Superintendent of Police, sustained injuries during the attack.

One Dead, Several Police Personnel Sustained Injuries

According to Ravi Teja Vasamsetty, the Superintendent of Police in Junagadh, a notice was issued by the Junagadh Municipal Corporation to a mosque near Majewadi Gate, requiring the presentation of relevant documents within five days. On the day of the incident, a sizable crowd of approximately 500-600 individuals had assembled at the location.

The police were engaged in persuading them not to block the road when, at around 10:15 pm, the situation took a violent turn as stones were hurled at the police, leading to an attack on the law enforcement officials. In response, the police resorted to lathi charges to disperse the crowd.

Several police personnel sustained injuries during the incident. Currently, 174 individuals have been apprehended, while a preliminary investigation suggests that a civilian lost their life due to stone pelting, with the exact cause to be determined through the postmortem report. Further investigations into the matter are currently underway.

Police Presence Reinforced as Tension Engulfs the Area

The entire area finds itself engulfed in a state of tension as recent events have disrupted the peace. However, authorities are taking swift action to regain control and restore calm.

In response to the escalating situation, the police force has been deployed throughout the region, strategically establishing camps to ensure a strong and visible presence.

Deadly Clashes Erupt in Gujarat's Junagadh Over 'Illegal' Dargah Consruction
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