Delhi Metro Rail Corporation
Delhi Metro Rail Corporation

QR Code-Based Paper Tickets Introduced By Delhi Metro At All Stations: Know How To Use Them

Adopting QR code-based paper tickets for all its lines, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has taken a significant stride in enhancing passengers' travel experiences.

The Delhi Metro said on Monday i.e. May 08 that customers will be able to purchase QR code-based paper tickets for travel on all lines, citing the move as a step towards a more transparent and human-intervention-free method.

The new paper tickets are now available for usage, and this change is expected to give metro users a seamless and hassle-free travel experience.

At present, passengers can obtain a QR code-based paper ticket along with a token from the station counter.

A senior official from DMRC has mentioned that the organization has modified its AFC (automated fare collection) gates and customer service desks to accommodate the new QR code-based paper ticket system.

Initially, two AFC gates were renovated at each station, one for access and one for exit, according to the DMRC. 

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation
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QR tickets in Delhi Metro
QR tickets in Delhi MetroHT photo

QR tickets will replace tokens

According to DMRC, the implementation of these transparent, cashless mechanisms based on QR code-based paper tickets will eventually replace the issuance of tokens. 

This move aims to provide passengers with a more seamless, error-free, and convenient travel experience without any human intervention.

The transporter also plans to implement mobile-based QR tickets by the end of May, making travel in Delhi Metro more seamless, easy, and time-saving by eliminating the need for waits.

According to officials, travellers would be permitted to enter only from the station where the QR ticket (non-refundable) was issued, and not from any other station.

However, if revenue services fail, refunds of QR-based paper tickets would be issued.

Passengers who receive such a ticket will be allowed to enter the metro system within 60 minutes. If a passenger fails to enter the system using the QR code-based paper ticket within 60 minutes, the DMRC has stated that the ticket will become void.

As per the announcement, currently, a QR code-based paper ticket will only enable travel between two predefined stations.

In case a passenger intends to exit from an intermediate station prior to reaching their final destination, the AFC gates will not grant access using the QR code-based paper ticket.

Under these circumstances, the traveller will receive a complimentary exit ticket while the customer service operator will retain the used QR code-based paper ticket. 

QR code tickets will make travel more convenient

QR code tickets will make the travel more convenient
QR code tickets will make the travel more convenientImage Credit: Pixabay

In case someone intends to exit from a station other than their intended destination, the AFC gates will not permit entry using the same ticket. The passenger will then be required to pay the fare difference before being allowed to go.

As per the announcement, the customer service representative will retain the used QR code-based paper ticket while providing the passenger with an exit ticket.

Any photographic image (shot on a mobile phone) or copy of a QR-based paper ticket would not be regarded as genuine, officials added, and passengers possessing such an image or copy will be treated as "without a valid ticket" and handled in accordance to DMRC guidelines.

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation
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