Video Emerges of Massive Fire Near Govindaraja Swamy Temple in Tirupati

Incident of Fire in Tirupati: Social media footage depicts the building engulfed by the blaze, appearing as a fireball. Firefighting authorities faced significant challenges in extinguishing the flames.
Massive Fire Near Govindaraja Swamy Temple In Tirupati
Massive Fire Near Govindaraja Swamy Temple In Tirupati

Incident of Fire in Tirupati: On Friday afternoon, a fire broke out at a photo frame manufacturing unit near the Govindaraja Swamy Temple in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh. Fortunately, no casualties were reported, and the fire has now been brought under control.

Upon receiving the information, firefighters rushed to the scene to tackle the blaze. Witnesses described seeing flames emanating from the building, and videos shared on social media captured the intensity of the fire. 

The shop, identified as Lavanya Photo Frame Works, was situated in a five-storeyed building adjacent to the renowned Govindaraja Swamy Temple.

The fire caused panic among the residents and temple visitors due to the busy nature of the area.

Massive Fire Near Govindaraja Swamy Temple In Tirupati
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Damage is about to be expected of Rs 1 Crore

Prompt action was taken to ensure the safety of the nearby chariot of the Govindaraja Swamy Temple. Local authorities, along with concerned individuals, collaborated to move the large chariot away from the vicinity of the burning building.

While the cause of the fire has yet to be determined, preliminary reports suggest that a short circuit in the photo frame shop may have triggered the incident. 

The presence of chemicals stored in the shop, used for lamination and other photo-related work, likely contributed to the rapid escalation of the fire.

The photo frame shop itself suffered significant damage, estimated to amount to approximately Rs 1 crore. Additionally, five two-wheelers parked in front of the building were also engulfed by the flames.

No injuries or loss of life

Fortunately, all the workers in the shop and other occupants of the building managed to evacuate safely, averting any potential injuries or loss of life. 

The prompt response from firefighters played a crucial role in bringing the fire under control and preventing further spread to neighbouring structures.

Authorities will likely conduct a thorough investigation to determine the exact cause of the fire and assess any potential lapses in safety protocols.

For now, the situation has been contained, and efforts to assess the extent of the damage and begin the process of rebuilding will likely commence. 

The local community and temple officials will work together to ensure the affected area is restored to its normal functioning state as soon as possible.

Massive Fire Near Govindaraja Swamy Temple In Tirupati
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