Why was Novak Djokovic's Visa Cancelled after reaching Australia?

At present, the Australian Tennis Tournament is to be organized in Australia. Tennis number 1 Serbian player Novak Djokovic was stopped at Melbourne's airport on Wednesday.
Why was Novak Djokovic's Visa Cancelled after reaching Australia?

Novak Djokovic

In Australia, the cases of corona are increasing in the last few days. Due to which the Prime Minister of Australia has made strict rules regarding Corona in the country. Which will have to be maintained by the people living in the country and coming from outside the country. At present, the Australian Tennis Tournament is to be organized in Australia. Players continue to reach for him. But before that, trouble has arisen for the number 1 player of tennis Novak Djokovic. Tennis number 1 Serbian player Novak Djokovic was stopped at Melbourne's airport on Wednesday. Later he was informed that he did not meet the rules of entry into Australia.

Upon Djokovic's arrival in Melbourne, officials present there found that his team had not requested a visa granting a medical exemption for not being vaccinated. The Australian Border Force has been told that he was unable to produce proper evidence of meeting entry requirements into Australia, and his visa was subsequently revoked.

Tennis Australia, on the other hand, confirmed that Djokovic was granted medical exemption after reviewing two separate independent panels, but problems arose when Djokovic arrived in Melbourne from Dubai on Wednesday. According to the news agency Reuters, Novak Djokovic was taken from a government detention hotel in Melbourne. Where he is waiting for the flight going back. Local media say that Novak is coming from the place where the corona infection spread and there was a recent fire.

The Prime Minister of Australia said –

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison also confirmed that Djokovic would not be allowed into the country. Rules are equal for everyone in the country. There is no special rule for anyone. If anyone enters our country, then the rules are the same for all of them.

What did Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic say?

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on his Instagram page that he had spoken to Djokovic over the phone, adding that "the whole of Serbia is with him, and our authorities are committed to stopping the harassment of the world's best tennis player."

Djokovic has been in controversies about the vaccine

The Australian Open champion Novak Djokovic is already mired in controversies regarding the vaccination. He was exempted from the vaccine to play in the Australian Open, which also caused a lot of opposition in Australia. Djokovic has not given information about his vaccine status. In the year 2021, he said that he "opposes vaccination".

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Novak Djokovic

According to local reports after the recent incident, Djokovic can now take the route of legal appeal or apply for a new visa so that he can enter the country. The same Australian Health Minister Greg Hunt has justified the treatment of Djokovic as "harsh" but "right". He said that "Australia has one rule for everyone". On the other hand, there is a protest in Serbia for not allowing Novak Djokovic to enter Australia. His father, Surgeon Djokovic, said his son was kept in a room under police protection at the airport. He said, "This fight is not only of Novak but of the whole world."

For the first time after the tough rules regarding corona in Australia, millions of cases of corona infection are coming there. 90% of the population above the age of 16 years in the country is vaccinated. But despite this, some people still cannot travel from one state to another or outside the country. Due to the tough rules of the government, many people of Australia are accusing the government of relaxing the rules to rich and popular people and saying that ordinary people are being kept away from their sick family members. The Australian Open is to begin in Melbourne on January 17. Djokovic has previously won this tournament nine times.

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Novak Djokovic

Questions started rising on the matters -

  1. What is the problem with PM Scott Morrison Djokovic's visa?

  2. What is the medical reason for exempting them?

  3. If there was a problem with his visa application, why was he allowed to attend and come to the Australian Open?

  4. There is already resentment among the people of Australia over the exemption given to Djokovic in the vaccine. But Novak is the only player to get such an exemption.

  5. Did Tennis Australia not exempt the 26 athletes who applied? After all, who are these 26 players? Why is his case different from Djokovic's?

  6. Why the disagreement between the Center and the state government on Djokovic's issue? While the Australian state of Victoria allowed Novak to participate in the tournament.

  7. On Wednesday, the PM said that this decision belongs to the government of Victoria. But, the next day where no one is above the rules, why?

  8. Outrage abroad for stopping Novak Djokovic, but does the PM think it will send a good message to the country.

  9. The PM is under political pressure due to the increasing cases of Omicron variants, arrangements to deal with cases and the chaos created for testing. In the same few months the coming elections are

    increasing this pressure.

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