Let’s Not Make it a Personal Issue, Rayudu Responds to Azharuddin

Indian cricketer Ambati Rayudu has appealed to HCA (Hyderabad Cricket Association) President Mohammad Azharuddin not to get into personal fights and stay away from the wrong people.
Let’s Not Make it a Personal Issue, Rayudu Responds to Azharuddin

Rayudu said this in response to Azhar's comment in which he described Rayudu as a desperate cricketer. In fact, on Saturday, Rayudu raised the issue of Corruption spread in HCA in a tweet and appealed to a minister of Telangana government to intervene in it. When Azhar was asked about this, he called Rayudu a 'frustrated (desperate) cricketer'.

Replying to Azhar, Rayudu wrote in his tweet on Sunday, 'Hi Azhar, please don't make this a personal issue. This matter is much bigger than both of us. We both know what is going on at HCA. God has given you a chance to clean up Hyderabad cricket. I strongly urge you to keep yourself away from these seasonal thugs. In this way you will save generations of future cricketers.

Earlier on Saturday, Rayudu had complained to the Telangana government's Minister for Industries and Urban Administration, KT Rama Rao, about corruption in HCA. In his tweet, he wrote, 'Hello Sir, I urge you to look into the corruption spread in Hyderabad Cricket Association (HCA) and pay attention to it. As long as the money and corrupt people in the Hyderabad team continues to interfere, how can a good team be made?

Earlier in August, he announced his retirement from International cricket in August, angry over not being selected in the Indian team for the World Cup 2019. But after a month, he reversed his decision and sent an e-mail to the Hyderabad Cricket Association and expressed his desire to return to the ground.

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