Jeremy Clinches 2nd Gold for India in 67 Kg Category

CWG 2022: The teenager uproots older colleagues to hold shiny gold amid a battle with injury and cramps.
Jeremy with a gold medal
Jeremy with a gold medal Image Credit: ANI

CWG 2022: Jeremy in a span of day became the talking point and inspiration to many youngsters around the world, not just because he won a gold medal for India at Commonwealth Games, but for the fact that he is only 19-year-old to achieve this feat at this stage.

On Sunday, Jeremy who hails from Mizoram stood tall at the podium with a gold medal around his neck and tricolour going high with the national anthem being heard. He just secured second gold for India at Birmingham Games after a heroic feat 2 day ago.

He achieved the first medal with a record lift of 300 kg total which included 140 kg snatch whereas 160 kg of clean and jerk.

Silver medal was clinched by Samoan's Vaipava Loane with a lift of 293 kg (127 kg in snatch and 166 kg in clean and jerk), and Nigeria's Edidiong Joseph bagged Bronze with 290 kg (130 kg in snatch and 160 kg in clean and jerk).

Jeremy's fight against injury

Jeremy suffered injury during the match
Jeremy suffered injury during the match

However, that didn't happened way too easily for the Mizoram teen who had to go through a lot of pain to get to his mark. In his first successful attempt of 154 kg, he had injured his leg which was not a happy sight for any Indian well wishers.

In his second attempt of 160 kg, which was also a successful one, Jeremy had injured his lower back which put him down to his knees for a while.

Well, the process of hurting himself didn't stop there, in his third attempt of going for 165 kg, he couldn't bear the pain and it was an unsuccessful attempt for him.

Loane's failure and a gold for India

Jeremy with Loane and Joseph
Jeremy with Loane and Joseph image credit: getty images

When Jeremy had failed to count his final attempt owing to cramps and injuries, the scoreboard read 300 kg for him. This didn't seem to be satisfactory because Samaon's lifter was looking all the way to pull the gold after his final attempt.

Loane was going for third and the final attempt and anxiety was flaring all across the Indian camp. He was going for 174 kg which was more than enough for him to steal the show.

However, it happened opposite to Loane's expectations. he just stumbled in his last attempt and that would mean that India had 2nd gold medal in this Commonwealth games.

The teenager boy was flodding with tears, their was nothing less than joy in the Indian camp and for India supporters. Jeremy's dream of securing gold in the CWG had come true.

And in all that, one person was all smile watching another Indian to be in her club of a gold in weightlifting. She was Mirabai Chanu, who just had gold in her kitty a day before. She must be so happy seeing new generation coming out and making their mark at International events.

By: Mohit Singhal

Jeremy with a gold medal
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