Hitman going through a ‘HELL OF A TIME’? Fell prey to wrong decision

IPL Match 56, MI vs KKR: Rohit Sharma had been striving hard this season to score well for his team. Amid this, the captain fell prey to a ‘technological glitch’ that occurred last night.
Ultra Edge showed spike even before contact
Ultra Edge showed spike even before contactImage Source: Twitter

Tata IPL had been into controversies due to the poor umpiring seen so far. Be it the much popular NO Ball controversy that occurred between the RR Vs DC match, RR Vs KKR, RCB Vs LSG, RCB Vs MI or the MI Vs KKR, played last night.

Movement shown before the contact
In the very first over bowled by Tim Southee, Rohit tried playing a shot, however, was not able to do so and thus the ball reached to the gloves of Keeper(Sheldon Jackson) standing behind. Field umpire, upon the appeal from the bowling side, denied any such contact to which the KKR went for a DRS.
Rohit too seemed disappointed with the decision
Rohit too seemed disappointed with the decision Image Source: Twitter

Third Umpire Retained the review
When the third umpire looked into the meter via Ultraedge technology, he found the objection raised by KKR apt and retained their review, stating hitman back to the crease.

However, in the video, it could be seen that the meter showed the spike even before the contact and it also seemed that upon failing to deliver the shot, the ball touched the thigh pad of the skipper and then went straight to the gloves of Sheldon Jackson. Hence, no contact with the bat, moreover, the third umpire paid no attention to the glitch and declared Rohit Sharma out, hence disappointing his fans who’d been eagerly waiting for the hitman to return to his form.

Ultra Edge showed spike even before contact
MSD drops yet another Victory, will CSK be now able to walk on the path of playoffs

Bumrah delivers an all time best spell of IPL
Earlier, MI’s star bowler Jasprit Bumrah delivered a fantastic spell by taking a 5 wicket haul along with a hat-trick, that too with spending just 10 runs in 4 overs. Bumrah’s spell barricaded KKR in building a high score despite a good start.

Jasprit Bumrah took 5 wicket along with a Hat-Trick
Jasprit Bumrah took 5 wicket along with a Hat-TrickImage Source: Twitter
MI surrenders at 113
MI despite chasing a not so tough target, failed to combat well and surrendered to KKR by scoring just 113 runs. The team bowled exceptionally well and except Ishan Kishan no other batsmen had an answer to their deliveries.
Image Source: Twitter
Chances to the playoffs?
Well, KKR took to victories much later and thus, it’d already been late for the team to ensure the path of playoffs. However, it can still qualify for playoffs, if CSK loses any match, also KKR needs to depend upon the position of other teams as well, as the game of NRR(Net Run Rate) is about to begin now, rather than has just started.

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