Can 'The Hundred' Tournament be Successful like IPL?
Can 'The Hundred' Tournament be Successful like IPL?Image Credit: Reuters

Can 'The Hundred' Tournament be Successful like IPL?

'The Hundred' Tournament: England and Wales Cricket Board commenced a new format of 100-ball games last year as their rendition of IPL T20.

'The Hundred' Tournament: England and Wales Cricket Board commenced a new format of 100-ball games last year as their rendition of IPL T20. In many ways, the 100-ball format initiates a much simpler layout than T20 cricket.

Multiple eyebrows were raised when ECB's commercial director recommended the idea of 'The Hundred' tournament but it quickly died down with the success of the inaugural season held in 2021.

The biggest advantage of this tournament lies in enlisting women's matches along with men's which tugged a new set of audience and admirers that have been missing in the IPL.

I think private ownership needs to come into play as soon as possible. Now that the ECB has decided to move the Ashes to keep August clear in the calendar, they have a chance to make this huge.

Private ownership would allow the money to go up, meaning that the best players prioritise this event and want to stay for the entirety,” Kevin Pietersen quoted on Betway Insider.

At the end of the day, they’re guns for hire. That’s the nature of the beast. The Big Bash, and the new South Africa and Dubai T20 tournaments are paying their players handsomely, so "The Hundred" must keep up. It needs to strive to be the second-biggest franchise tournament in the world, behind the IPL,” he added further.

Can 'The Hundred' Tournament be Successful like IPL?
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'The Hundred' Tournament: Format and Structure 

'The Hundred' introduced a new format in cricket which will feature 100 balls per innings, 20 less than a traditional T20 game. There's a change of ends per 10 deliveries and each bowler gets to ball a maximum of 20 balls.

Format and Structure of 'The Hundred'
Format and Structure of 'The Hundred'

In IPL/T20 cricket every bowler gets to bowl a total of 4 overs which means 24 balls. In this new format, bowlers can bowl 5 or 10 consecutive deliveries while in IPL bowlers can only deliver 6 balls consecutively. For batsmen, the game remains more or less the same as in other T20 leagues.

One of the best changes that we see in '100-ball' matches is the presence of coaches on the ground. They can come out on the ground and discuss strategies with the players anytime during the game.

8 teams currently consist of some great coaches; Mahela Jayawardene, Daniel Vettori, Ben Sawyer, Paul Shaw, and many other talented individuals.

When it comes to the structure this new tournament is slightly different from IPL. In a total of 32 matches, each team plays four matches on home ground and the rest matches away.

Men's and Women's games are held on the same ground on the same day. Apart from this, the rest remains similar. The top teams from both Men's and Women's go straight to the finals and the remaining second and third teams compete for their position.

In their latest season held in 2022, Trent Rockets Men and Oval Invincibles Women won the title.

Although men's salary remains four times higher than female cricketers, it was declared by 'The Hundred' during the first season that the prize money of £600,000 would be split equally among both men and women winners to bring down gender discrimination. 

'The Hundred' Tournament: Final Verdict 

From star to minor players, 'The Hundred' has given a platform to many English and overseas cricketers. Just like the IPL, this tournament has also showcased class performance and excellent entertainment.

Image Credit: ECB Twitter Handle

In IPL, matches seem to go on for four hours, at times it drags till midnight which many insist is lengthy. But here, matches can fit into a 3-hour window which is suitable for streaming on multiple platforms.

In short, 'The Hundred' sold almost 90% of its tickets even during a time when the country was slowly recovering from a pandemic.

Even though not as distinguished as the IPL, 'The Hundred' has managed to summon new audiences, promote women's cricket, and bring commercial prosperity in such a short period.

If 'The Hundred' is to run for many upcoming seasons as IPL does, it would be interesting to see how the event becomes an asset for the ECB in near future. 

Can 'The Hundred' Tournament be Successful like IPL?
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