Best Casino Games to Play as a Cricket Fan

The Asia Cup is well underway. If you are a true cricket fan you have probably been glued to the screen these past few days, watching one exciting game after another. But what are you to do in between matches? Here are a few casino games you can entertain yourself with.
Best Casino Games to Play as a Cricket Fan
Best Casino Games to Play as a Cricket Fan

Although cricket is the most popular sport in Asia, there aren’t quite as many cricket-related casino games as other popular sports such as Football and Basketball. However, there are still plenty of great casino games to choose from.

How to entertain yourself in between matches

The Asia Cup of 2022 started on the 27th of August and concluded 11th of September with Sri Lanka winning the cup. T20 World Cup is the upcoming event and this means that you still have plenty of matches to watch.

The defending champions India will look to keep the title and keep the status as a world powerhouse since taking their first world cup title in 1983.

If you are a true cricket fan, you simply can’t get enough of your favourite sport. To entertain yourself while you are waiting for your favourite team to step onto the pitch, you might play some games with cricket-related themes.

At, for example, you can find the best online casinos that provide sports-related slot games, including cricket casino games. Here are a few examples of the best on the market that you must try.

God of Cricket

M ost popular cricket-related slot games is the God of Cricket
M ost popular cricket-related slot games is the God of Cricket

One of the most popular cricket-related slot games is the God of Cricket. This game comes with 5 reels and 25 fixed pay lines and features great graphics, including a background image featuring a crowded stadium and flashing cameras.

The symbols of the game include four playing card symbols, a pair of gloves, and cricket, as well as wild symbols in the form of two cricket players that lead to special features.

There are plenty of bonuses as well as 5 free spins. You will have fun playing this game!

Rush Cricket Live

This game is perhaps a little unusual. Unlike most sports-related casino games, Rush Cricket Live is not a slot machine game. Instead, it pairs sports betting with the casino gaming experience.

It works like this: you pick a team at the beginning of the game, which is then followed by sports betting options. Once you have made your choice and the bets are completed, the game plays out like an actual cricket game.

You then win or lose based on your betting choices and the outcome of the game.

Cricket Star Slot

The Cricket Star Slot game is, as its name implies, a slot game, but how does it differ from the God of Cricket?

Cricket Star Slot has five reels and 243 winning combinations. Additionally, it has special gameplay features, such as stacked wilds, Wild Wickets, and Rolling Reels. The game also features a team of cricket-based icons.

Time will fly by before you know it when you are playing these games.  In the meantime, go to where you can see the schedules of upcoming matches in the Asia Cup.

This way, you can plan when to watch a match and when to play a game. As the championships are entering their final stages the matches will be more exciting than ever.

Best Casino Games to Play as a Cricket Fan
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