11 Simple Ways to Make Fantasy Team During IPL 2023

IPL 2023: Fantasy Online platforms have grown over the years. The cricket followers use their knowledge and skills to make a perfect team, and many times, they have also been rewarded with a high price.
11 Simple Ways to Make a Fantasy Team During IPL 2023
11 Simple Ways to Make a Fantasy Team During IPL 2023

IPL 2023: Dream 11 is the first fantasy sports app which was started in 2088, and this app gave many rises to other sports fantasy apps, like the 11Sixes and more such applications.

The TATA IPL 2023 edition has been started, and again it has been a brilliant season so far. So, today we bring the top 11 tips and tricks for viewers, readers, and fans on how to make a fantasy team during IPL 2023 season. 

Many Sports Fantasy fans and lovers are eager to know how to make a perfect team on the Fantasy Sports application. Here are the 11 tips and tricks for our readers.

11 Simple Ways to Make a Fantasy Team During IPL 2023
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1. Select a Match

To play Fantasy Sports Online Contests, the viewers need to select a match from the current TATA IPL 2023 season

They can either create a perfect fantasy team or predict the winner of the game.

2. Make Your Team

After selecting the match, the fans need to make their own team on the Fantasy Sports app.

But making a team is not an easy job. The viewers should research the recent and past performances of the players throughout the stats. 

The Fantasy team consists of 11 players and the players should be in good form. That is why research is so important. The Fantasy team should have the top order, middle order, all-rounders, wicket-keepers, and bowlers. 

All the players hold an important place in the Fantasy team. The fans should also select the captain and vice-captain. 

3. Join Fantasy Cricket Contest Online

Fans can join the Fantasy Sports Online contest and play Fantasy Cricket. This contest is open to fans above 18 years, and senior citizens or retired people can also take part in such contests which can be a great pastime. 

The viewers should involve themselves in the game like real experts because then only they can make a team or predict the winner of the match.

All the scores are reset after the game is over. So after the first game is finished, the fans should concentrate on the next match.

4. Follow the Game

Another essential part of creating a perfect team and predicting the match winner is that one should follow the whole match. The matches can be seen and followed through many mediums other than television sets.

There are live streaming services, and fans can also follow the game on the Fantasy Cricket apps like 11Sixes. Every fantasy cricket app updates the scorer after two minutes.

5. Winning Mentality is essential

For many fans and viewers, playing Fantasy Sports Online is just a pastime or a way to earn some extra income.

But still, they should have a mindset of winning as their hard-earned money is at stake. 

So each player of Fantasy Cricket should aim to win big because a winning mentality allows the players to be strong and confident in every walk of life as well.

6. Be selective while playing matches

For a beginner, not all matches are important. The newbies to Fantasy Sports and Fantasy Cricket need to have a selective approach.

They should not play every match to make more money. Having more greediness is a mistake, not only in Fantasy Sports and Fantasy Cricket. But in life too.

7. Researching is an essential tool

As said earlier, making a Fantasy XI or predicting a winning team of a game is not easy. It takes a lot of research to be successful.

The research is done through squad information, pitch report, weather report, toss, and venue stats, and the fans should also have some information about the opposition team.

Fantasy Cricket players should think of themselves as experts in the game while making their teams.

8. All-Rounders Team

The all-rounders are very important in any team for all the formats. They hold the utmost importance in Fantasy Sports and Fantasy Cricket because selecting all-rounders will give more points, and they can also be named the captain of the side.

9. Carefully invest money in Fantasy Sports

The money put into Fantasy games is hard-earned money. So invest the money very carefully. It is essential not to be greedy and lose everything that you have.

10. Take Risks

Risk-taking is sometimes fun and even entertaining. It also tests your brain and knowledge. Backing one or two players can work in your favour. 

11. Select a skipper and his deputy

A captain and vice-captain are important in a cricket match. Fantasy cricket also holds an important place for them. 

A good skipper and vice-captain need to be excellent players. The Fantasy apps also show which players one can choose as the captain and the vice-captain, which will help the fans choose the right person for that job.

11 Simple Ways to Make a Fantasy Team During IPL 2023
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