Festival of Colours: Know Why 2022 Holi is Special?

Holi, the festival of colours, is auspicious for every citizen and this time the Covid restrictions imposed by the government for two years have also been removed.
Festival of Colours: Know Why 2022 Holi is Special?

Festival of Colours- Holi

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By: Poorvika Agrawal

Holi is a festival of colours, love and crowd. This year, the festival of Holi will be played with great zeal and vigour. Wondering why? The 2022 Holi is an actual post covid festival that will be played with zero restriction.

Earlier this year, the Central government pulled off all the Covid restrictions and gave citizens all kinds of freedom they wanted except for the usage of the mask. Holi is one of the most popular festivals among the Hindu community. Colour keeps changing in rich, diverse and heritage India. On the eve of Christmas, everything become red and white. On Diwali, every household gets sparkled by Diyas/earthen lamps. Everyone wears Islamic Kufi (topi); usually white in colour on the occasion of Eid. Similarly, at the festival of Holi, everything and everyone becomes colourful.

What will be the effect of this Holi on different zodiac signs?

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Effect of this Holi on different zodiac signs</p></div>

Effect of this Holi on different zodiac signs

The Holi of the year 2022 will be auspicious in monetary terms for the people having Gemini, Aquarius zodiac signs as per an astrological prediction by Pradeep Sharma. The people with the Cancer zodiac sign will have to be really cautious about their expenses. Along with Cancer, Pisces also have to be cautious about expenses but more cautious about their health. People with Capricorn as their zodiac sign have to be alert while driving. The master planners have to be careful about their health too.

Moreover, the restrictions like night curfew have been lifted by the government a long ago, i.e. the demand of the customers can be fulfilled as late as possible. The flow of the money will be increased as the economy is going back on track after the restrictions have been curbed. The industries like plastic, sweet shops will see tremendous growth this year as people are not that scared of the contagious virus.

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Restrictions Uplifted: Saviour to the pilgrims

After the restrictions have been lifted, the pilgrims can pray to their God freely, i.e. at the time Covid restrictions, entry was restricted to a certain number. This year the temples are expected to be flooded with loads of donations. Holi is a two-day festival where one day people come together to set free Prahalad from Holika. It is usually done with a bonfire. The people worship Prahalad before burning Holika to ashes. The next day is the day where play with colour and water. It is advised to play Holi with Herbal colour only to prevent any skin issues and infection.

Advantages to the common people

As mentioned above, the COVID-19 restrictions have been pulled off by the Central government. Even the restriction on the number of people allowed to gather has been removed. Earlier, the gathering of 5 persons was also restricted by imposing Section 144 of the Indian Penal Code which states that more than 4 persons cannot be gathered together. But, these all have been lifted, i.e, the people can celebrate their favourite festival together without any restriction.

Holi is celebrated in different parts of the world

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Holi is celebrated in different parts of the world</p></div>

Holi is celebrated in different parts of the world

Besides India and Nepal, the festival of Holi is celebrated in the various corners of the world. It is celebrated in different countries with large population of Indians like Malaysia, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia, Indonesia. Holi is one of the most prominent festivals in the country. Amidst the growing international tensions between Russia and Ukraine, the festival of colours, Holi will be played worldwide. It would right to predict that on this festival of love, these two nations will come together and shake their hands.

Since Independence wishes its readers a very Happy Holi! Play Safe and Stay Safe

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