Will Rajasthan Welcome Corona with 2 Lakh People on 12 December?

The national-level rally of Congress to be held in Delhi on December 12, 'Mahagai Hatao' rally is now being shifted to Jaipur.
Will Rajasthan Welcome Corona with 2 Lakh People on 12 December?
National level rally of CongressSource: Google, Image by- Deccan Herald

Corona is wreaking havoc again in the country. There is an atmosphere of panic in the world due to the new variant of Corona, Omicron. At the same time, corona infection is increasing continuously in Rajasthan too. After the children came positive in the schools, it was decided to stop the offline classes and start online classes.

But now due to two political events, there is a fear of Corona in the state. In fact, the national level rally of Congress to be held in Delhi on December 12, ‘Mahagai Hatao’ rally is now being shifted to Jaipur. About 2 lakh people are expected to gather in this rally.

KC Venugopal and Ajay Maken will visit Jaipur on December 3

In this rally of Congress, all the veteran leaders of Congress including Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and more than 2 lakh people will participate. Due to the increasing threat of corona infection, this rally was not approved in Delhi.

National Rally on 12 December
National Rally on 12 December Source: Google, Image by- The New Indian Express

Now, Rajasthan Congress will host this rally. For the preparations for the rally, on Friday, December 3, Congress General Secretary KC Venugopal and Congress in charge of Rajasthan Ajay Maken are coming to Jaipur. The venue of the rally will be decided only after their visit to Jaipur. 13 district heads have also been appointed to mobilize the crowd in the rally.

BJP cancelled the approval for the rally: Venugopal

Accusing the BJP government at the Center of dictatorship, KC Venugopal said that this is the first such government in the country that neither wants to listen to the MPs nor the Parliament.

He said that the nationwide rally to be held in Delhi on December 12 against inflation was cancelled by the BJP by conspiracy. Now, this rally will be organized in Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan.

Venugopal issued a statement saying that the entire opposition led by Congress wants to debate on important issues like backbreaking inflation, rampant unemployment, sinking economy, immense suffering of farmers and labourers and suppression of rights of Dalit-Adivasi-Backward-Minorities. The Modi government does not allow the Parliament to run on its own under a well thought out conspiracy.

Big danger to the state

Corona infection is increasing continuously in the state. This can be gauged from the fact that, in the state, corona patients have doubled in 10 days. Doubling of patients has not happened in just ten days in any state.
Ten days ago, where active cases were at 103, they have increased to 203 today. In such a situation, this political event can prove to be a big threat to the state.

Have a look at Gehlot’s tweet

Congress is going to do a rally for ‘Mahagai Hatao’ by mobilizing a crowd of 2 lakh people in the pink city of the state and today the price of petrol in Rajasthan has increased again.

Just a few days ago, the state high command Ashok Gehlot shared an article of Corona printed in ‘The Hindu’ newspaper on his Twitter handle and warned the general public about it. But now perhaps the Congress does not see the threat of Corona, so this rally is being organized. Those who enforce the law are themselves flouting the law.

Let us tell you that Congress workers from all over the country are going to participate in this rally. People from states infected with Corona will also participate in this rally.

Well, now it has to be seen what will be the result of this rally. But it is certain that if so many people will gather together, then the crisis of the third wave of Corona will engulf the state.

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